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24 June 2019

BSMC | Press release - June 2019

Posted by : alex-wettstein

There is no big success without difficulties! We are experiencing it right now.

Dear friends,

In recent weeks, the Indonesian foundation has encountered temporary difficulties related to the operation of its new hospital.

As we told you in one of our previous posts, we had to change some members of the Bali Sari Foundation (BSF) Foundation Board for legal reasons. This change was also made necessary because the trust was broken with some members of what we can now call "the former foundation board". Moreover, these unscrupulous persons not or no longer met the basic values of the foundation, which was unacceptable to us.

Since we have legally and transparently changed the members of this foundation board, things are going much better, and trust is fully restored. The foundation's programs are now working well, we are caring for thousands of people on the field, and the community actions are multiplying.

About our new hospital, two of the former members are showing malice and revanchist spirit. This is translated by idiotic and unfortunate actions, obviously quite illegal, in order to put "sticks in the wheels" in this program. These actions are summarised by violent threats on the person of Mr Alex Wettstein (he is used to it btw). Some of them are sending emails to our partners and friends, illegal messages of incredible stupidity, containing lies and false facts that go without saying.

This result is in a delay in the optimal operation of our new hospital. And this, at the expense of people who are waiting for medical care and free health care benefits, by the Foundation. We are working very hard to solve this matter.

Since then, the Indonesian Foundation (accompanied by the Swiss Foundation) has taken steps to restore order and smooth running in its program. These problems only affect the agenda of the new hospital, which is, as you know, our greatest achievement, our greatest challenge too.

These steps are legal, and we are accompanied by our Lawyer and our Notary, who provide us with advice and support. These steps should be completed shortly, and I can only assure you.

In order to solve these difficulties, our organisation favours dialogue above all else. We refuse any form of blackmail and provocation. We knew that implementing, building and running this type of project (a free hospital) would be sensitive, and we expected to have difficulties, so this is not a real surprise for us.

The members of the new board, including Mrs Kadek Suwitri and Mr Pande Yulia Sanjaya are active every day to ensure that these people become aware in one way or another that they are acting illegally against the interests of the beneficiaries and also against the interests of our two foundations. Sanctions will, therefore, be taken, I can assure you.

Note that tomorrow 25th of June, a working meeting between the new foundation board and the local authorities is planned, already we have their support.

With these few lines, and on behalf of the Swiss Foundation, we ask you to be patient and to listen to us. You know that sometimes things can be complicated when it comes to the common interest. Some do not distinguish between personal interest and common interest, which is distressing, but ultimately not a huge surprise.

It is a high first for us to have to fight to restore justice for all. While it certainly costs us energy, time and endangers some of the leading players in this project, but we are standing upright in the face of adversity. We smile at these problems and take them seriously by putting in place practical actions, respecting the framework of the Mission of the Foundation, its Ethical Charter.

We thank you for your attention, and we thank you for your help because we need you, your encouragement, your kind words, your support, messages that will give us this beautiful energy that we need at this time.

For any further information, you can contact Alex or Pande here, who are the official respondents of the Swiss and Indonesian Foundation.

Very sincerely.

Alex Wettstein - CEO, President and Founder of the Fair Future Foundation.

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