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Another approach to defining needs. A project made by children, for children!

☞ As the foundation aims to contribute to the development in disadvantaged areas, we need to map out the most pressing issues in every area where we work!

Nevertheless, it is sometimes a difficult process to define what the real problems are, to decide what should be prioritized, and to find the most effective method to solve the problems. Therefore, we initiate a photography project, through which we attempt to do the process in a creative way by engaging local children and understanding their problems through their perspective.

Sumba Photo Project will be one of our brainchildren. In this project, we will teach local children about photography, including how to use a camera, take photos with good angle and composition, and subsequently making good stories out of their photos.

We will lend them cameras and let them take pictures of anything in their surroundings as we continue to hone their photography skills through a series of training. The photos will capture real problems in their environment, which are interpreted through the children’s genuine point of view.

☞ In this photography project, Kawan Baik is targeting to invite

30 children from two or three villages in Kahaungu Eti District. They will take part in training and exposition. In addition to the participants, there are also other direct beneficiaries of this project, including local guide, local trainer, the teachers, local children from the villages who also interested to learn about photography, and also local population being involved in our programs.

Other beneficiaries in this project include the locals who will get new information about social, cultural, education and health in Sumba, especially in Kahaungu Eti village through social media and websites of Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation and the Fair Future Foundation, as well as other supporting partners (500 people).

☞ We let you discover these three phases in the brochure that you can download in.PDF via these links below

  • V/o Français en HAUTE résolution (HD) - Download / V/o Français en BASSE résolution (LR) - Download
  • V/o English in HIGH resolution (HD) - Download / V/o English in LOW resolution (LR) - Download

Dear friends, 100% of your donation, will be used by the Foundation to care people in need to fund +/- thousands of medical treatments/year here.

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