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The Fair Future Foundation is a Swiss Foundation recognized of Pure Public Utility & State Approved by the Canton of Vaud and the Swiss Confederation.

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1 month ago
Fair Future Foundation

Kid's from Mbinudita, are going back home after school!

... Yes, school is finished for today. kids are now going back home, through hills and paths of these very rural areas of East Sumba.

SD Mbinudita, is the school Fair Future Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia build last year, part of the #rebuildmbinudita project.

These last days spent in Mbinu Dita, at the top of the highest hill in this extremely rural region, were among the most beautiful. The joy of giving a name to the school that we built, of having been able to inaugurate the water tank of more than 5,500 liters for around 12 families, the smiles, the joy of seeing the kids at school. .. Just absolute happiness even if we are very tired. As you can imagine, teachers band kids here are so happy! Now, they have a new school

Alex Wettstein from Rumah Kambera, East Sumba, Nusa Tengara Timur. The 23.06.21

#BangunMbinudita #ReconstruireMbinudita #rebuildmbinudita #KawanBaikIndonesia #FairFutureFoundation #KawanSumba #MbinuDita #SwissNGO #KawanPintar #KawanBaikBerbagi #TruckOfLife
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1 month ago
Fair Future Foundation

From Fair Future Base Camp and Kawan Baik Foundations in @rumahkambera, village of Kambera, East-Sumba.

On the way to the construction site of the first access point to clean water, toilet located in the village of Mauliru. It is a region where clean water is scarce, if not nonexistent. People here sometimes have to travel for miles to find it, on foot with 5-liter jerry cans.

Fair Future Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia foundations, as part of the "Water Connections" program, wish to meet the vital needs of the population here, by building nearly 40 projects like this one.

This so that people, villages, families can have clean water for a healthier life, with less disease and reduce infant mortality which is very high here, linked to the consumption of unsafe water.

#Sanitation #WaterAccess #CleanWater #NoWaterAtAll #TakingAction #RebuildAndRecover #FairFutureFoundation #KawanbaikIndonesia #ActForSumba #FloadingSumbaNTT #KawanSumba #CallForDonation #HelpSumba #NusaTenggaraTimur #EasternIndonesia
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2 months ago
Alex Wettstein

Hello Kawan,

Fair Future Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia foundation's are happy to announce the activation of the "Truck of Life" program!

We will leave to Sumba, by road next Friday, June 11th in the late afternoon, for a trip of almost 3 days through Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba.

Departure: FFF and KBI Base camp in Denpasar;
The team "loaded" : Kawan Yosa, Kawan Niluh and Kawan Alex;
Destination: Our Base Camp at Rumah Kambera , Lambanapu, Nusa Tengara Timur (NTT).

This truck "of life" aims to go where no one goes. To provide food, solutions for better health, better living, to give health and medical care, books, and learning materials for the kids, but also the equipment that foundations programs needs on-site!
Thank you so much.

#TruckOfLife #KawanSehat #ToGoWhereNoOneGoes #Sanitation #WaterAccess #CleanWater #NoWaterAtAll #TakingAction #RebuildAndRecover #FairFutureFoundation #KawanbaikIndonesia #ActForSumba #KawanSumba #NusaTenggaraTimur #EasternIndonesia

--> Read more here:
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Go where nobody goes, analyze needs, build wells, water reservoirs, provide medical care, food, something to have a better life!

Happy to announce also the departure in a few days, of another team of Fair Future Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia foundations, via the road with our "Truck of Life", a truck dedicated to socio-medical activities in rural areas, in eastern Indonesia --> To Rumah Kambera, the Fair Future and Kawan Baik Base Camp in Sumba (NTT).

This movie: Distribution of vital goods in eastern Sumba, NTT, Indonesia. Shot with one of our cell phones, without editing and posted as is!

More infos:

#fairfuturefoundation #waterconnections #waterforsumba #kawanbaikindonesia #helpsumbantt #rumahkambera #kawanberbagi #TruckOfLife
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Today, region of Mbinudita, East Sumba, we brings materials to build a water tank for the village. No road, it's very steep, our truck struggles to climb the hill.

More infos:

#fairfuturefoundation #waterconnections #waterforsumba #kawanbaikindonesia #helpsumbantt #rumahkambera #kawanberbagi
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A nice novelty, for our Base Camp, Rumah Kambera in Lambanapu, Sumba East (NTT). For months, our teams had been working under plastic sheeting, preparing actions and food donations, health care programs, manufacturing frames for huge water tanks, etc.

And don’t, for the past week we have had a canopy that protects the Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia teams, as well as our friends, all the Sumba volunteers, in their daily tasks.

This construction was funded by the Fair Future Foundation, with a donation of CHF. 1310.-.

More infos:

#RumahKambera #ThankYouPeople #EastSumba #KawanBaikBerbagi #NTT #FairFutureFoundation #KawanBaikIndonesia
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By all means possible, go wherever you need to go! Here, we cross the biggest river in Sumba in order to bring food, water, medicine, games for the children. It's one of the things we do on a regular basis.

It is often necessary to show imagination, to take some risks also in order to help as many people as possible. All these actions are carried out and coordinated from our Base Cam in Sumba, "Rumah Kambera", thanks to the Fair Future Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia foundations teams, as well as to the many volunteers who act in favor of these families.

See you soon, thank you for your benevolence and support.

More infos on

#GoingWhereNoOneGoes #Sanitation #WaterAccess #TakeAction #RebuildAndRecover #FairFutureFoundation #KawanbaikIndonesia #ActForSumba #FloadingSumbaNTT #KawanSumba #HelpSumba #NusaTenggaraTimur #EasternIndonesia
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Give something to eat, something to drink, something to get better, drill wells, water reservoirs, give medical care, build houses, schools! Yes ... But also playing with the kids who have lost a lot of things, it's simple, it's useful, it's good to live it all together!

Learn on the edge of the river, sitting on the sand of the remains of the floods ... Right next to the houses that no longer exist!
Every day, we learn from them, every day we are surprised by their will, their courage, their carelessness too! What a great lesson indeed!

This is our daily work with Kawan Baik Indonesia, Fair Future Foundation here form Rumah Kambera base camp in East Sumba.

Alex -

PS: This movie was shot with one of our cell phones, without editing and posted as is!

#PlayWithTheKids #KawanPintar #BuildMyFuture #Sanitation #WaterAccess #CleanWater #NoWaterAtAll #FeedMyBelly #TakingAction #RebuildAndRecover #FairFutureFoundation #KawanbaikIndonesia #ActForSumba #FloadingSumbaNTT #KawanSumba #HelpSumba #NusaTenggaraTimur
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