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News published the Tuesday, Sep 15, by Fair Future Foundation
-Throughout the history of Sumba Island, this is the first time the regent has come without a proper event- said the official from Praipaha Village, which is the main village of the Mbinudita Preparatory Village. It was the most simple event of groundbreaking that was attended by the head of East Sumba Regency.
Ceremony Preparation Event of Mbinudita School

Hello Kawans, dear friends, teman-teman,

The notification of the willingness of the East Sumba Regent’s arrival time to lay the first stone as a symbol of starting of school construction was quite sudden and did not provide an opportunity for the School Construction Committee team to prepare an event with the standards of the Sumba community with full of traditional processions, large crowds and special food in Sumba.

However, the event must still be held considering the working day of the construction expert team who came from outside the island has a limited time, besides that also because the Regent himself already has a busy schedule going forward which makes it impossible to rearrange any more schedules.

Although this decision made the Village Officials feel embarrassed because it would become a topic of talking for many people who considered the reception of the regent to be inappropriate, the debate that had occurred had to be ended because the pandemic situation became a strong reason that there was no need for a large-scale event with large numbers of masses for laying stones first. Understanding all limitations in simplicity, less than 24 hours is enough to welcome the regent and hold the event.

As a committee member, Kawan Baik did not notify or invite Mbinudita Parallel Elementary School students to come to the event, in fact, the first to appear in the un-walled building which was used as the event location was a small child in a red and white uniform. In his hand, a piece of instant noodles is firmly held, maybe his parents provide it so that if he is hungry, he can ask a mama to cook it in the emergency kitchen at any time. Brian, his name, was at 7 in the morning on a chair alone, staring at the foundation of his school, which was being excavated. An hour later, the other friends appeared one by one.

As the students came and played together on the hill of the school, one by one the women came and entered the kitchen complete with kitchen utensils brought from their respective homes. Not only playing but the kids were also helping in preparing a place for the event, they were arranging chairs and tables at the meeting place. Right after arranging the chairs, Kawan Ayu with Teacher Ester again provided an understanding of the prevention of Covid-19 to students. Even though it has been socialized when the CCC III Sumba program was held, it is better to remind children to stay vigilant by wearing masks, maintaining distance and washing hands. After the COVID protocol briefing, students were invited to pick up trash around the site.

Seconds by seconds passed until finally one by one the invited guests were gathering in the area and the event was ready to begin. The Groundbreaking Ceremony of SD Mbinudita Elementary School was attended by the Regent of East Sumba, Drs. Gideon Mbilijora, M.Si., Head of the East Sumba Education Office represented by the Head of Elementary School Mr Umbu Ndilu, Representative of the PUPR Service, Military District Commander Mr Marsel and regional officials consisting of the Head of Nggaha Ori Angu Sub-District, Mbinudita Preparatory Village Officials and Praipaha Village Officials as well as the Principal of SD Waitama which is an affiliate of SD Parallel Mbinudita along with elementary school teachers and one of the community leaders, Mr Marten. Without a traditional welcoming reception by draping weave textile, traditional dances or music, the activity was ready to start.

We give all hope to build Mbinudita. Kawan Ayu, Kawan Novie, Kawan Alex. Mbinu Dita village.
The 15.09.2020/aw

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