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Covid-19 Community Care | Summary of the 1st step of this action!
Fair Future Indonesia - April 13, 2020/ Alex Wettstein

For more than 2 weeks we distributed 700 packets to 700 families in various regions of the island. But above all, we have started a solidarity movement that will not stop.

Hello Kawans, dear friends, Madam, Sir and dear families,

Some little info on the continuation of the program “Covid-19 Community Care”.

These bags containing food for a healthy life, to protect itself from the pandemic with masks, soap, hand sanitiser. People who’ve benefited from these vital goods are those who live away below the local poverty line, that is to say without anything now.

They are sand workers, street cleaners, moto-taxi drivers, the elderly, families who live on $15 a month to eat, live, children too. The list of affected people is endless!

We visited their places of life, often sharing moments with them in order to explain to them as best as possible the current situation. They don’t receive information from authorities or the government!

Two examples among many others:

  1. The moto-taxi drivers (GoJek) came to offer their help and support. They helped us bring the “survival bags” to the most distant people.
  2. The number of volunteers we welcomed was incredible.
  3. People cames spontaneously to help, to transform tons of food into bags and single portions healthy, tens of square meters of fabric into masks, sometimes very colourful, or else to bottle the tens of litres of disinfectant mixture for the hands, specially prepared by all of us.

In view of the extremely urgent situation for an ever-increasing number of people, families or communities, the foundation, the friends of the foundation cannot stop there!

Therefore, we will begin step #2 of this action to help as many people as possible, those who are now the collateral victims of this pandemic and who are facing a humanitarian crisis.

Thank you so much, Stay safe, stay cool and be happy!

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