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Covid-19 Community Care | The day of tomorrow will be great!
Fair Future Indonesia - April 30, 2020/ Alex Wettstein

Tomorrow will be a great and beautiful day. We have many of these days since we started this program aimed at helping as many people as possible, innocent victims of globalization! I say globalization because today, these people no longer eat because they no longer work.

Hello Kawans, dear friends, Madam, Sir and dear families,

You should know a little thing anyway, nobody talks about it too much, the reason for us to talk about it! An element which in my opinion goes against the meaning of Fundamental Human Rights! But in the end, nothing surprising if you know the local customs!

So the locals (I’m talking about the Balinese) have the right to receive help from the local government. That is to say that you must be from Bali, so Hindus!

The others, all those who come from Java, Sumba, Sumatra or Papua to name only these large islands, are not entitled to receive anything from the local Balinese authorities. But help from the Central Government which will probably never come! Yet it is them, all these others who are left out, who make the real economy of the island, who clean the streets, who recycle waste, who manage these very small local warungs, in which no more people have been going for months because of the health crisis etc!

This decision has a name, it is called “ethnic selection” outright. We are human, we are a part of this world. Our responsibility is to help people, whoever they are!

These neglected people are the first victims of this selection. It reminds me of bad memories, without citing them because they are part of the history of the world, certain conflicts in certain countries have led to a racial selection in order to know who had the right to what!

So to return to the subject of tomorrow, yes it will be a beautiful day, one more during which we are going to deliver nearly 200 “Bags for Life”, or “Bags in order to Survive”. The Kawan’s of the foundation will, therefore, separate into three teams, then make the delivery of goods to all the people who have previously registered with the Foundation. And this, without any consideration of races, origins, religions or skin colours!

The next two will be devoted to the preparation of 200 new Bags, which will also be delivered in three days! And so are the days of the foundation teams, all the Kawans Baik (all good friends) and all the volunteers who come to help us every day!

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