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Covid-19 Community Care | The the 2nd step has started!
Fair Future Indonesia - April 28, 2020/ Alex Wettstein

For us, it was a really busy day! So many people came to help us pack tons of food, goods dedicated to those who are starving now. We packed 200 goodie bags, with everything I’ve explained yesterday inside.

Hello Kawans, dear friends, Madam, Sir and dear families,

Such a massive job! We start delivery to people tomorrow, we will give them some moment of happiness for sure, we will talk and share with them about their current living condition, their kids also. We will see smiles in their faces and just for this, we are all of us, Kawan Baik so happy for everything we are doing since weeks.

These 200 goodies bags are the first ones of the second step of COVID-19 Community Care (as you know, the first step is already done). We will pack and donate hundreds more “life bags”. So far 700 are planed, this is our stock and job for the next two weeks. But we are ready to continue… In the case of, we will continue!

The situation is like people starving! It’s not anymore a COVID-19 crisis, means sanitary crisis, but much more a humanitarian crisis. What I’ve said weeks ago happening! People and family can not eat anymore and all collateral effects of a global economy and humanitarian crises are putting in place! Until what? Until when? Years probably!

This is why Kawan baik berbagi, this is why the good friends share! C’est pourquoi les amis partagent !
Thanks for supporting us, our friends, our family, the local community and all those who are now and for a long time in danger!

Stay safe, stay cool and be happy!


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