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Covid-19 Outbreak | We act in Sumba with Kawan Baik Indonesia!
Fair Future Indonesia - May 29, 2020/ Alex Wettstein

We act in Sumba with the Kawan Baik Indonesia foundation with donations of equipment, food and disinfectant products.

Hello Kawans, dear friends, Madam, Sir and dear families,

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has caused many activities to stop temporarily, such as education, and even the economy has stalled due to the many activities that have had to stop to stop the chain of the spread of the virus. So far, long-distance transport routes such as ships and planes for passengers have been stopped, which shows that the government is very serious about this pandemic.

As a non-governmental organisation engaged in the social, education and health fields, the Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation, the Fair Future Foundation and Action for Fair Future participate so that the community can understand the current situation and follow the government instructions regarding matters that should not be done by the community.

Currently, Kawan Baik has been carrying out massive sharing of food, masks and hand sanitisers in Bali and will be organising socialisation and donation sharing sessions related to COVID-19 in Sumba, particularly in hard to reach places.

All socialisation activities will be carried out specifically for children in Lapinu Village, Matawai Katingga Village, East Sumba and will take place on May 7, 2020.

With love to all of you. Stay safe, stay cool and be happy!


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