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Covid-19 Sumba | We have sent lots of goods for our Sumba kids!
Fair Future Indonesia - May 01, 2020/ Alex Wettstein

Hello Kawans, dear friends, Madam, Sir and dear families,

We have sent a few hundred kilos of material to Sumba | Dry and healthy food, masks, hand sanitiser and many other things for the children and families of Sumba!

As you may know, Kawan Baik Indonesia and Fair Future Foundation have been operating mainly on Sumba Island since 2019, which is one of the poorest regions of the Indonesian archipelago. Unfortunately, the virus has not spared the residents, most of whom have no water, electricity or medical facilities to meet the needs of this pandemic.

Our partners in Sumba and all Kawan Baik sent over 100 “Bags for Life” (our Goodies Bags) on April 28th 2020. This shipment is intended for the children of the schools with which we carry out our projects there, in the middle of nowhere or almost. See some of your projects there in Sumba: Photo Sumba Stories Project and the Rebuild Mbinumdita Project for more information Kawan’s!

For Sumba and his children, the bags of life contain milk, cereals rich in nutrients, holy cookies, the comic strip made for them with the aim of informing them about the virus, coloured pencils, antiseptic gel, because, once again, they do not have access to water (which they cannot wash their hands frequently), masks, sanitary napkins for their mothers as well as information brochures for all their families.

“They hear about the virus and they are told to protect themselves from it; so they started making masks with cut and two plastic water bottles and tied with ropes around their heads”.

Novi, Kawan Baik Indonesia in Sumba. Stay safe, stay cool and be happy.

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