Food donation | The quantities of goods in short!
Fair Future Indonesia - April 26, 2020/ Alex Wettstein

Step #2 of Covid19 Community Care represents tons of food and goods, just incredible actually!

Hello Kawans, dear friends, Madam, Sir and dear families,

There is in few figures what it represents:

7’000 egg’s, 1″500 kilos of rice, 2’800 portions of proteins, 7’000 pills of vitamins, 1500 masks, hundreds of hands sanitizer bottles homemade, 700 portions of dry, natural vegetables Noddles, 500 kilos of potatoes and carrots, 350 kilos of sugar, 100x1kg formula milk for the baby and young kids, 1’000 children’s colouring book 100 boxes of 12 colours pencils, 1’000 portions of energetic cereal milk, 100 kilos of healthy biscuits, 7’000 sanitary pad for young girls and woman etc… I forgot many things probably as it’s late!

We will start delivery the April  28th, every 3 days 200 goodies bags, to families, community and all those who can’t eat anymore.

The quantity of goods increases every day, every week it is practically necessary to double them! This is something that we had not foreseen at the end of the first operation during which we had distributed more than 700 survival bags to people in need. Just the impression that the more we advance in time, the more the needs are felt! And which we must double, triple the quantities of equipment to buy!

Stay safe, stay cool and be happy!

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