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Fair Future Foundation | Gallery – Access to water in remote areas | January 2020
Today, the February 18, 2020 | Pictures by Kawan Gogon, Kawan Vifick, Kawan Alex, Kawan Baik and all people on the #KawanBaikBerbagi

Water supply and sanitation in Indonesia is characterised by poor levels of access and service quality.

Over 40 million people lack access to an improved water source and more than 110 million of the country’s 240 million population has no access to improved sanitation.

Only about 2% of people have access to sewerage in urban areas; this is one of the lowest in the world among middle-income countries. Water pollution is widespread on Bali and Java. Women in Jakarta report spending US$11 per month on boiling water, implying a significant burden for the poor.

Copyright © all right reserved 2020 - February 18, 2020 - Photo by All Kawan Baik

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