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Fair Future Foundation | Gallery – How do we help families in economic pain?
Today, the July 22, 2020 | Pictures by Kawan Gogon, Kawan Alex, Kawan Andri, Kawan Baik and all people on the #KawanBaikBerbagi

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of children and workers as health systems are closed, borders are closed and schools and businesses are closed. We act to help people since the beginning of March 2020 and there is few pictures we are happy to show to all of you!

As the coronavirus has spread, so too has misinformation, which fuels discrimination and stigma. Fair Future and Kawan Baik are very active in promoting facts rather than fear, providing reliable advice to those affected. We are on the ground in partnership with frontline workers and providing them with the information and resources they need to keep people healthy and learn, safe from illness and violence. We will succeed together, thanks to all of you.

After the first two programs, which have enabled us to distribute vital goods to more than 2,000 families, we are entering the third phase of this gigantic program aimed at providing for the needs of people and children. In and this sense, the foundation needs you! As before, we are helping people in Sumba and Bali.

Copyright © all right reserved 2020 - July 22, 2020 - Photo by Kawan Andi (FFI) and Kawan Gogon (KBI)

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