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Fair Future Foundation | Gallery – #RebuildMbinuDita | 23.09.2020
Today, the September 23, 2020 | Pictures by Kawan Nofi, Kawan Alex, Kawan Baik and all people on the #RebuildMbinudita site

Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear families and dear all, how are you today? A warm and huge “Hello”, from Sumba.

As you know, the foundation which now works on a vast territory in Indonesia including the southernmost lands, and my faith very complicated to access, undertook to rebuild its school which was destroyed by a storm in December 2019 (https://youtu.be/h2E1zk2y3x0 – Date: January 2020).

Here are new photos of our work on the #RebuildMbinudita site friends.

As you can imagine by looking at these pictures, it is not so easy to build without water, without electricity, without housing, without enough to wash, shower, or eat in a balanced way!

Travel, equipment, all logistics: The Mbinu Dita site is far from any form of civilization, no water, no electricity. Everything is complicated then and the foundation’s teams have to show ingenuity, 24 hours a day. Water and electricity are a huge challenge for us and we have already implemented actions: Deliveries by tanker truck, 5,000-litre tank and supply every 3 days.

While waiting for the photovoltaic panels which will be installed at the very end of construction, we also face problems with electricity, notably for the diesel generator to produce energy on the construction site, to weld, cut, pumping, charging the cameras etc…;

For the food of the people and volunteers who help us, including children, we buy local products, thus support the farmers and cook for them, it’s very simple, rice, peppers, salt and a few vegetables. Volunteers need to eat and drink, that’s the deal with them to help us dig, cement, and build. The locals eat and drink in exchange for their work, they are poor, but very happy to help us. They are building their future with us!

We also face emotional stress related to the construction itself. The feeling of having to count all the time, of not being able to finish for the reasons explained above!
… we can say it is difficult! But our energy, our determination and that of the Sumba community carries us and allows us to move forward despite everything.

Also, we take great care of the risks incurred by the people who are on-site and therefore in charge. Thus the implementation of actions (housing, vehicle, health checks, COVID-19 test, etc.), are part of the actions that the foundation must manage in addition to everything else.

Best regards from all of us here in Sumba. It’s cold, it’s hot, we’re very tired, but all is well and thanks to all of you, the school will be over in November and ready to welcome kids and people from this area of East Sumba.

Alexandre Wettstein – Fair Future Foundation – Swiss State Approved NGO – Sumba, September 23rd, 2020