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Fair Future Foundation | Gallery – Sumba Photo Stories Program | East Sumba – February 2020
Today, the February 13, 2020 | Pictures by Kawan Gogon, Kawan Andri, Kawan Alex, Kawan Baik and all people on the #KawanBaikBerbagi

What is the most urgent, the biggest problem? You just have to ask them. Thanks to this photo project, children explain to us through their pictures, the difficulties of their daily lives. We just had to watch and listen.

Sumba Photos Project is one of our ideas. In this project, we will teach local children about photography, including how to use the camera, take photos with good angles and compositions, and then create good stories from their photos.

Copyright © all right reserved 2020 - February 13, 2020 - Photo by Kawan Vifick, Kawan Gogon and All Kawan Baik

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