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News published the Saturday, Jun 06, by Fair Future Foundation
Help 65 children from 8 to 10 years old, to go back to school!

Hello Kawan’s, dear friends, Madam, Sir and dear families,

We talked about it a lot before the COVID-19 health crisis because it was not the most urgent project. But everything changed at the beginning of March 2020, like all of you I know!

When we had just made a substantial donation for the 1st step of reconstruction, the architects’ plans were finished and the children were delighted to have a brand new school, the pandemic arrived and changed many things … As for all of us.

So… We were unable to go to Sumba or to deliver the building materials. As the things are going a little better, from now on, we will, therefore, be able to go ahead with this project in order to finalise it; and this in joy, the immense happiness of being able to finally offer a brand new school to these nearly 65 children aged 8 to 10 years.

A small summary is essential:

On December 18, 2019, a storm broke out in Mbinu Ndita, a village located in East Sumba. On its way, it took away the school built two years earlier by the inhabitants and teachers of the region for their children… Read more here!

We (the Fair Future Foundation, Kawan Baik Indonesia et others good friends) will arrive a few days later and share their sadness and despair; they don’t have the means to rebuild it. With children and teachers, we have been carrying out an educational project on the subject of photography for several months.

Without this school, not only are they deprived of access to education but also of the opportunity to develop projects like this. A few hours on site were enough for the Foundation to undertake to rebuild the school.

Walls and a solid structure, a school designed and adapted to the needs of children, teachers and the population of the surrounding villages. Before the storm, this school consisted of two classrooms (1st and 2nd year), perched on the top of a hill. A very simple structure with split bamboo walls, black sand floors and a tin roof.

No adapted toilets, no light, no access to drinking water, neither in the school nor in the villages, no electricity and people are very poor.

So, after several months of waiting, we now are working again on this project in order to carry it out and much more since this school will be the starting point for many social, educational, medical activities in the region of East Sumba.

  • Building a new school also means improving the quality of school facilities, the foundation will improve safety, health and learning behaviours;
  • Offer new possibilities for continuous learning programs, with the new facilities, the new school, and the new tools that will take place there;
  • Develop the enthusiasm of children to learn in joy and safety at school thanks to the new school;
  • Provide access to adequate sanitation facilities, water and electricity at school.

Total cost of the project: CHF. 42,000.-

Funds already collected: CHF. 29,500.-

In order to start the construction phase, we are therefore missing CHF. 12,500.-.

This is why we are calling on you today to enable us to carry out this project.

We were forced to delay the project as you have understood … But also and linked to the health emergency and the economic crisis which is currently hitting populations and communities here in Indonesia, we have “drawn” from our financial reserves to respond as best we can to the emergencies of the day. As much as we are, we have achieved prowess to offer food, sanitary kits and psychological as well as financial support to the thousands of people affected.

Thank you very much Kawan for your interested, your help and benevolence.

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