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News published the Monday, Aug 31, by Fair Future Foundation
And now, give space to hope! Hope is all of us in Sumba, at the site of the school that will be tomorrow. The hope is the orders for materials to rebuild it which have almost all been placed with our suppliers. The hope is to know that by the end of October 2020 the new school will be built, more beautiful and stronger than before, and that the 65 children in the region will then be able to go there without having to walk for miles and miles...
Mbinu Dita school Rebuilding updates

Hello, dear Kawans, hi dear friends and dear families,

Hope all goes well for all of you!

I am writing to you about the construction of Mbinu Dita school. You now know the context of it I think; much more than a school, destroyed in December 2019 in a tiny village in East Sumba, perched among the green hills of the region. No water, no electricity, and a village that mourns its center of learning, culture, life: its school! Their place of meetings, activities, exchange of all this community.

In short, we are rebuilding it with a lot of passion, love, and also a lot of patience… Lets develop now what we are doing since few weeks!

Patience, because since its total destruction last December, the foundation and all the good friends who work on this immense project, have done a thousand and one things thanks to you, your support, your help, and your immense generosity. All of us are doing our best to bring Mbinu Dita’s school and community center back to life.

But now, you all know the pandemic has passed through there and we have delayed a lot. It’s life, funny life .. We have therefore suffered the events, but those who have paid the price more than any other, it is the inhabitants of this region, the children who no longer have a place to go. go, no more school.

Since the beginning of March 2020, we have all been faced with responding to extreme emergencies, namely feeding the people, the tens of thousands of people, families, children who also have no more to eat, more enough to wash, protect themselves because everyone has lost their wages, their income.

In addition, COVID-19 in this region of Sumba-Est – which is one of the poorest in Asia – continues to wreak havoc, a real humanitarian crisis that the Indonesian government ignores or almost ignores. Then as if that were not enough, the ravages of crops linked to insects, especially clouds of grasshoppers which in 2 minutes destroy an entire field of cereals, especially rice, the staple food of the local populations. Read the News about it here.

Before the destruction

And now, let’s hope!

Hope is all of us are now in Sumba, to the site of the school that will be tomorrow. The hope is the orders for materials to rebuild it which have almost all been placed with our suppliers.

The hope is to know that by the end of October 2020 the new school will be built, more beautiful, and stronger than before and that the 65 children in the region will then be able to go there without having to walk for miles and miles. The hope is also to know that it will not be 65 children who will attend it, but entire generations of kids who will develop new knowledge there, and will learn a little more every day. Thus the foundation will ensure them a future, means of subsistence also so that their future is as bright as possible. This is our hope, this is what everyone here is hoping for with all their hearts.

Full ahead!

The plans are completed, the construction of the chassis and the framework are completed. A company from Surabaya is in charge and operates its network of friends to help the foundation. Note that the owner of this civil engineering company is an extraordinary person, invested in the cause that we lead.

It is a huge challenge for all of us to coordinate all this from our Base Camp in Denpasar and we no longer count the return trips, the meeting hours, the tens of thousands of WhatsApp messages exchanged via our dedicated group, which we named #BangunMbinudita (#ReconstruireMbinudita).

The first trucks will arrive at the Mbinu Dita site middle of September after a journey of nearly 2,000 kilometers by road and boat. It’s a hell of a trip and the transportation costs for us are significant. We could have done without it, but sadly we couldn’t find what we need to rebuild a school that will stand up to the familiar weather and weather of Sumba Island.

It is also always astonishing to think that it is in the poorest regions that materials are the most expensive! Part of the reason is that Sumba is far from it all, I’ll let you go google map here and surely you’ll understand.

The site of Mbinu Dita on Google Map here if you want to look where it’s located.

So there are dozens of bags of cement, a few thousand bricks, a few tons of beams, the entire roof, the photovoltaic panels (so that the village finally has access to light to learn), the tanks to store this precious liquid. that is water (to offer it to the community and to children). But also almost everything else that will be useful to us to build a school with three classrooms, master’s room, toilets and community center and so that the foundation can organize social, cultural, medical, artistic events in the long term …

Kawan Andri, Kawan Gogon, Kawan Nofi, and all the others are in Sumba right now. This Sunday, all were on the site to prepare the site, supervise the work, train the villagers who will help with the construction. Dozens of tons of pebbles that they will excavate by hand, with a few makeshift tools. We could have an excavator at our disposal, but we have to bring it from Waingapu, the largest town in East Sumba, which is over two hours away by scooter. The problem is, it costs money and in these tough times, we miss it. Everything has increased, again and again, as every time a disaster hits the country (in this case the whole world). As when the earthquakes had hit Bali, Lombok, Sumatra or Sulawesi in recent years. Each time, we are taken aback by the phenomenon that links human distress and monumental rise in costs. Hopeless…

Kawan Ayu, Kawan Alex, and one of our two volunteer architects are going to Sumba the 04.09.2020 for a week of intense work. We are delighted to find all the others who are already hard at work on-site.

Before the departure of this 2nd team, we will work from our Base Camp in Denpasar in order to find the missing funds to ensure the complete construction of the school of course, but also to organize the last basic purchases, the delivery of materials, and prepare for the big event on September 12, which will take place in our premises in Denpasar in order to support the Mbinu Dita project.

After the destruction

And finally, a call from the heart!

The foundation, the people of Mbinu Dita, the children, and all those who work for the realization of this beautiful, big, and indispensable project for the rural community ask for your help, your support. This is essential or we risk not being able to meet the deadline of the end of October for the opening of the school and the center in Mbinu Dita.

We lack a lot of equipment that we have to buy: All the windows, all the doors, the electrical system for the photovoltaic panels, a rainwater filtration system, enough to accommodate the students too, especially all the school furniture, as well as supplies useful for children aged 8 to 11 to learn.

This corresponds to an amount of more or less CHF. 10,000.- which we must find as soon as possible! So and in the name of the Fair Future Foundation Switzerland, I appeal for donations: to the Swiss confederation first, to its embassy in Jakarta from which we are still awaiting a response. But also to all companies in Switzerland and elsewhere, to individuals, to public authorities and to all families who know well how education is the key to everything.

If necessary and to have all the necessary documents such as Architectural plans, quotes, 3D films of the construction, calendars, etc … You can contact us via the website of the foundation here or by sending an email to Elisa or Alex by clicking here.

From the bottom of our heart, thank you.

#KawanBaikSumba #KidsAreTheFuture #KawanBaikBerbagi #BangunMbinuDita #WeAreTheFuture

Today Situation Plan on the 30.08.2020

This Monday, August 31, 2020 has become a historic day. Team # 1 composed of Kawan Gogon, Kawan Nofi and Kawan Andri went to the #bangunmbinudita site to start the real action of construction of school buildings and community center. The activity of this historic day began with discussions with the inhabitants of Mbinudita about their collaboration, as well as yet another aerial observation of the places in order to define the final locations.

With a few residents of #bangunmbinudita, team # 1 verified and validated the results of these studies. In addition, the foundation’s team laid stones painted red on the stone, in order to use it as a marker visible from the sky. These red stones were placed according to the plans of the architectural team. Our teams then planted wooden stakes, tied together by a rope in order to define the edges of the final construction.

The points and lines on the drawing have been translated into stones and ropes on the site.

Pictures were taken on the 30.08.20

Mbinu dita, why we need you!