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News published the Thursday, May 28, by Fair Future Foundation
Namaku Virus Corona | A comic book for kids to learn about it!

We offer a comic book to explain to Indonesian kids about the Corona Virus and Covid-19.
You can download this comic here, and this is amazing to see the kids reading it!

Hi to all children and their parents in Indonesia, Hello Kawans, dear friends, Madam, Sir and dear families,

We offer a comic book to explain to Indonesian kids about the Corona Virus and Covid-19. You can all download this comic here and print in order to give it to your children, or to all children in Indonesia.

This really cool comic book was produced by the Bali Institute and available to the Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia. So that we can send it to all the kids (and their parents) so that they can learn about the Corona Virus, and we hope to act in consequence! It is essential, vital and so important that each child, with their kids’ souls, can understand and perhaps even act for their own safety and that of their loved ones, friends and families.

It is a PDF file, very light (0.4Mo) so you can read it on your mobile phone or tablet… And even, it is possible to print it. We also encourage you to share this little comic with all the people, all the families of Indonesia that you know! Or why not that you don’t know! We are talking about the common good, therefore send it to everyone possible! It is important for you and for them.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed, all good friends around Indonesia (and very soon, around the world) for the common good, to this achievement.

Special thank you also for having mid available to all and of course, Bali Institute for having achieved such a great job and for your great support. We still need you as we will continue this operation for the next 6 months at least. So, do not hesitate to make a donation here Kawan’s.

Stay safe, stay cool and be happy!

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