Rumah kambera, some good news

Hey hey… We are happy to say that it’s almost done now!

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News published the Monday, Jan 25, by Fair Future Foundation
Rumah Kambera is a project wanted and implemented by Fair Future and Kawan Baik Foundation in the territories of eastern Indonesia. A social centre, a place of life and activities in order to offer social, medical and economic opportunities to the population from the rural and ultra-peripheral regions of Sumba East.

Where are we with the “Rumah Kambera” project?

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A little history related to the “Rumah Kambera” project before starting:

The foundation, within the framework of its activities in the territories of eastern Indonesia, needed to find a place where we could work on its actions in courses, such as the MbinuDita school and all the other socio-medical projects on which we are very committed. The constraints were in fact becoming too great, particularly in terms of logistics and finance.

For almost two years now, we have been strongly involved in important actions such as the construction of the MbinuDita school, the establishment of numerous projects for access to medical care, particularly those of first aid, or access to to water and electricity in those areas where none of this exists.

Until today, the staff of the foundation lived in a simple guesthouse, but too expensive for our budget. As you know, we absolutely want to keep control of our expenses, especially those related to logistics, accommodation of volunteers etc …

Therefore, we decided in October 2020 to find a very simple little house, to rent it for a few years, then to renovate it with our volunteers and the people willing to help us. It is therefore done: The house has been found, rented for two years at a cost of $ 350 per year and our good friends, our volunteers and some of our collaborators on site, are responsible for making some renovations, fresh paint, on the contrary toilets, a shower and to prepare the garden which will take place in front of the house “Rumah Kambera”…


For more than 15 months, the Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation and Fair Future Indonesia, have been working hand in hand to set up programs in the rural regions of the territories of eastern Indonesia.

The continuation of numerous projects, the establishment of micro-actions and the involvement of young people from the region in volunteering actions requires a place of life and activity. We bring sustainable solutions to communities leaving in rural areas, improving their lives through health, education, water and energy.

A house for us, a house for them

Rumah Kambera: Rumah means “house” or “home” and Kambera is the name of the village.

We chose the word “home” on purpose. indeed, in addition to being our future offices in Sumba, it will also be a place of sharing, conferences, teaching, a house for volunteers, a place where we will exchange, find innovative ideas, all together with a shared vision; improve the quality of life of people living in rural East Sumba.

From then on, Rumah Kambera will have several roles and that’s all the better

  • A place of life for the employees of the foundation;
  • A place for coordinating current projects;
  • A development place for future projects;
  • The central point of the program of “access to medical care” and in particular those of first emergencies;
  • A social permanence in which everyone can come and ask for help, support or bring a project idea;
  • A meeting and learning place for kids and students;
  • A place the young girls can come and talk about their personal difficulties;
  • A place where women can develop their economic resilience, and talk about their living conditions as women;
  • The place that brings together the multiple local partners of our two foundations;
The foundation has invested nearly $ 4,850.- in this project. This amount includes the rental, the renovations, the materials, the furniture, the collective garden, and the hut that the local youth, will very soon build in the tree right in front “Rumah Kambera”.

You can see the details of the donations received by the foundation in the fundraising campaign that we launched a few weeks ago on the foundation’s platform “Action for Fair Future”, here. You can also take a look at the documentation below. One is in English, the other in French.
Everything is very clearly explained and if you have any questions, we will be very happy to answer you more precisely.

As a first step, we must complete the renovations. It’s almost done now. Then, the first action will be to put in place in a concrete way the program which will occupy us for more than a year, namely “A first aid kit per school and village” in the most rural regions of Sumba.

An activity targeting more than 180,000 people without medical resources. Rumah Kambera will be the central point of this activity: Where training will be organised for around 80 people, themselves responsible for the use of these first aid kits. All the coordination of the project will be done from our new social centre, the replenishment of kits, continuing training, studies and returns related to each use.

Here you can watch a cool movie about the situation and the work of the Foundation in East Sumba, just click here, a pop-up will appear.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and your benevloence. Take good care of you and one more time, happy New Year 2021 to everyone.

Here are some pictures of Rumah Kambera