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News published the Friday, Jul 17, by Fair Future Foundation
No Problem TV, the live – Four strong woman, 17.07.20

The July 16th 2020, we welcomed four strong women who, each in their way, have decided to put themselves into service of humanity.

Hello Kawan’s,

Ima and Marianne, volunteers in our Covid-19 Community Care project, offer us immense support. They’ve shared with all of us their experience, their points of view, and what led them to join us.

Ruth from Uma Seminyak tells us about her support on our projects, and the current situation, the means of adaptation and the future of creative spaces, how these can evolve.

Disur, at the head of her business Kunang Jewelry and active in several of our projects including #KawanBerdaya, our collaboration with women’s penitentiary, Shes tells us more about her ideas, ideology, and aspirations for the future.

No Problem TV is dedicated to all those who want to talk about a social project, an idea that everyone would like to set up, a project in favor of humans and humanity, even a personal project. One of our main goals is to give visibility to everyone on an equal footing, but also that these programs generate interest and lead to something concrete. 

Whether you are an artist, a musician, a writer, a painter, a teacher, a human rights defender, a gardener, a cook, a worker from the tertiary sector, or even a thoughtful, nonviolent activist. But also a person who has a simple goal, that of creating economic opportunities by setting up an original, ingenious project and who wishes to share this idea with others.

If you are interested in participating with us and getting things done then you can contact us using the contact form on the next (2nd tab).

Thank you very much and see you soon in Denpasar!

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Public Lecture Series: Me, Myself and AI – Artificial Intelligence and Human Identity

Brunel University London Friday February 23rd

With examples of artificial intelligence and intuitive systems in everyday life, are we now masters of technology or has it mastered us?


Chair: Professor Akram Khan, Professor in Particle Physics and E-Science, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Dr Tatiana Kalganova, Reader, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Professor Joseph Giacomin, Director, Human Centered Design Institute

Professor Will Self, Professor of Contemporary Thought, Department of Arts and Humanities

You Are Human 1st - Take Care of Yourself. Ask Dr Anna S.1.E.6

What Is PTSD Sunday September 21st

Dr. Anna Baranowsky takes a question from a therapist who is working with trauma survivors. She addresses the power of sitting with another person's strong emotions, mirror neurons that engage empathy and how essential it is to care for yourself. After all, if you do not care for yourself you cannot care for anyone else.

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