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Report 2020 – Christmas in Lapinu, East Sumba

300 kids, gits, medical check-ups, eat, dance, and just be happy together for Xmas!

Localisation of this project

The village of Lapinu, East Sumba, where Fair Future is working

On January 10, 2020 and for two days, we travelled to Lapinu, a small village nestled in the middle of nowhere, located on the east of the island of Sumba, one of the poorest regions of Indonesia and from Asia.

As you know, we organized a program to celebrate Christmas with the children and the population of this village, during our week of work on site. We have three programs that started almost at the same time in East Sumba, including Lapinu’s Christmas.

Date / period of realisation

Preparation November 2020
Date of the celebration: 10th January 2020
End of Work: We’re still working in Lapinu village

During this Christmas 2019, the village of Lapinu does not have access to electricity, we have installed two solar lamps to illuminate the village and the faces of all the inhabitants.

These Christian children and communities, who live without electricity and very little access to water – and at the suggestion of their local teacher – were so happy to participate in a real Christmas party for the first time in their lives. Santa Claus also came, for real and brought them gifts, to all …

The foundation all those who joined us to celebrate this great feast, have prepared an original and healthy meal for everyone in the village of Lapinu. We had a real Christmas ceremony, brought a pastor who told them about Christmas. We also gave them small gifts, especially for children: A headlamp and a special “Christmas Lapinu 2020” t-shirt. Together we sang songs and made this moment really beautiful and moving.

Detail of this project

The project

The foundation initiates a Christmas action for a hundred children who live in a few villages in the region of Kahaungu Eti in East Sumba.

Number of beneficiaries

65 children aged 8 to 10, as well as their families. All the villagers and those around came to celebrate this Christmas party with us. In total, around 250 people benefited directly from the festival.

The proposal for lapinu 2020

Please download it to read it.

Final Report of Lapinu 2020

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10 pictures of the project

The cost of the project

Total amount of this project

Funded by Fair Future