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Rumah Kambera Financial report 2020

The Final Report of the renovation of Rumah Kambera

Localisation of this project

Rumah Kambera, a house for their health and their future

Rumah Kambera is located in a small village called Lambanapu. 10 kilometres from Waingapu, on the island of Sumba (Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia). It is a small, simple house that the foundation rents for CHF. 380.- per year, which we have transformed ourselves.

Date / period of realisation

Start of the study: September 2020
Start of works: November 2020
End of Work: February 2021

The continuation of numerous projects, the establishment of micro-actions and the involvement of young people from the region in volunteering actions requires a place of life and activity. We bring sustainable solutions to communities leaving in rural areas, improving their lives through health, education, water and energy.

A house for us, a house for them

Rumah Kambera: Rumah means “house” or “home” and Kambera is the name of the village. We chose the word “home” on purpose. indeed, in addition to being our future offices in Sumba, it will also be a place of sharing, conferences, teaching, a house for volunteers, a place where we will exchange, find innovative ideas, all together with a shared vision; improve the quality of life of people living in rural East Sumba.

Detail of this project

The project
By renovating a local house, the objective is to transform it into a social center, innovative activities for the activities of the foundation in the territories of eastern Indonesia. A place of coordination of existing activities, continuity of current programs.
Number of beneficiaries
Between 150,000 and 200,000 people are considered to be beneficiaries. Indeed Rumah kambera is open to everyone.
Final Report

The report will be available during the 1st quarter of 2021

A movie to illustrate

This film illustrates the activities we create from Rumah Kambera, watch it!

12 pictures of the project

The cost of the project

Total amount of this project

Funded by Fair Future