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News published the Monday, Jun 08, by Fair Future Foundation
Solidarity | Help local musicians and artists to face the crisis that has hit them hard

Hello Kawan’s, dear friends, Madam, Sir and dear families,

You know what? Everyone here, you, us, I love music, we love going to see movies, we love beautiful photographs and paintings. It makes us happy, it makes us dance, laugh, smile, weep sometimes. The emotions generated by the sounds we love, the colours that make us dream, the paintings that we would like to have at home are priceless, and that contributes immensely to personal emancipation, its own development too.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without music! It is present from morning to evening and sometimes even at night. I listen to everything! Hyper aggressive metal, from Chopin, the Rolling Stones or the Beatles.

These artists give me energy, strength and sometimes condition my days. Some lucky ones (or not) have become great artists recognised worldwide because you and I have and continue to buy their records.

For many of them, we have seen them in concert! A journey into the world of the imagination, a magnificent sound, emotions that give us the pulpit! The summer music festivals in Europe are, I think, for you all unforgettable memories, enhanced by the smell of grilled sausages. Famous artists and all those who are less known have made their evenings come true, and maybe change your life a little! Thanks to all of them!

And then all these artists make music because they like it and because their talents as painters, guitarists, bassists, drummers or writers simply make them live. Oh … Here we are obviously not talking about the excessive, but to be able to eat a little after performing a live performance in a bar, a restaurant, a small local scene. I know hundreds of these people! Here in Asia, it’s a way to get out of it by making people happy as I said above, I don’t know you, but me anyway, when I hear rock, blues or a live band in a bar, in the street and this makes me stops, and I start without really realising to dance, to move my body and I smile! The worries go away when you listen to music! When we go to an exhibition or read a book that makes us travel! Not you?

So here at the Foundation, we had the idea of ​​organising something for these artists, these musicians or artists who for months nom can not perform to earn money.

We have been helping the sick for years, trying to improve education systems, helping women in their entirety and specific needs. Children and those who suffer from the evils of everyday life! And right now, there are hundreds of professions that are having difficulties! You know, of those who make sure that in the evening, there is nothing to eat or buy something vital for a healthy and balanced life! And since we cannot help the whole world, we must, therefore, help those who come to knock on our door! Musicians, artists are the ones who give colour to our lives; therefore, we are happy to help them! Together we support them.

The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between said Mozart! What if we make sure that these silences don’t last and that the music resumes?

What have we organised for them?

We haven’t changed much from what we’ve been doing since March finally! The goods offered have changed a lot in the past three months! Right now we have a lot of fresh vegetables, the ones that come from our grandmother’s garden, you know what I mean? Organic, healthy, fresh and for our beneficiaries, free! We also offered Tempe, which is one of the staple foods for Indonesians and even for many Asian countries. Eggs, sugar, cooking oil, rice, masks to protect yourself from the virus and also preserve its environment.

I am not going to list the goods our of the quantities that we distribute and that we continue to distribute, but it is long and represents tons of vital products.

What was great this day of distributing food and goods for the artists, is that, since for the most part, they are musicians, we made available an amp, a guitar and they played for all of us! And believe me, it made everyone dance, sing and filled with transmissible joy, even viral! In short, they all came, about 200 people and all leave with a bag or two.

Those goodies bags filled with a lot of useful things, good for their health and that of their children. We have succeeded in this great challenge to give a helping hand to those who make us all dance and sing!

A sincere thank you to our friends, our volunteers, our partners!

It goes without saying that we must also thank all those who made this operation and all previous ones possible. I am thinking of the volunteers who are there to help sort the goods, weigh them and package them. They have been with us for months now and are happy to donate their time for a cause. Thank you also to the small businesses that help us by making us advantageous prices!

They understand the current needs and have decided in their own way and according to their means to make gestures in favour of their neighbours, colleagues, compatriots.

Thank you very much Kawan for your interested, your help and benevolence.

Kawan Andri and Kawan Alex from the Fair Future Switzerland/Indonesia.

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Preparation and distribution of goods for artists!

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