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Taufik can no longer eat | A representative example of the food crisis!
Fair Future Indonesia - May 02, 2020/ Alex Wettstein

A few days ago, we met a walking plastic trash seller. His name is Taufik. He no longer sells anything! He can no longer feed his family!

Hello Kawans, dear friends, Madam, Sir and dear families,

We bought him two plastic trash cans that the foundation and the Kawan’s transformed into a source of water so that all of us could wash our hands more regularly because we work a lot and handle tons of equipment, food and many other vital goods actually!

These two plastic trash cans? They were simply his first sale in several weeks, it’s crazy! M.Taufik talks to us and we listen to him very carefully. We share some good time together and he told us that he can no longer feed his family because he has absolutely no money left. M.Taufik has kids, a wife, a family! And he is the head of this family, he has to work to bring something to live on. I mean, just eating, drinking, washing… Buying soap and toothpaste is a luxury for these people who, like M.Taufik, no longer earn a penny!

M.Taufik and his family are Muslim. Ramadan is therefore in a way a good thing for them because it will save them a significant number of already very rare meals. This reasoning is adorable, but so tragic too! The dinner and Saur (first meal, early the morning) for those doing Ramadan and fasting should be the one that provides the vitamins, proteins and all the essential nutrients to be able to last during the fast! But nothing, or almost nothing to eat!

The foundation, as part of the food program that has occupied us for over a month now, has therefore naturally included M.Taufik and his family (as well as several other families in his community) in our COVID-19 Community Care program.

This meeting with M.Taufik is just one example of what we experience on a daily basis, of the tragedies that take place without anyone doing anything, in particular the government which remains insensitive to this humanitarian and food crisis, which affects the children of Indonesia.

People like M.Taufik and his family? Oh, my God, there are hundreds of us who contact us every week and it is constantly increasing! So what to do, how to continue this vital activity?

We obviously need all of you dear Kawan’s, dear friends so if you want to help people like M.Taufik and his family, make sure that we can continue to help these tens of thousands of people who are going through a food crisis, as part of the action led by the Fair Future Foundation, Kawan Baik Indonesia and Bali Institute.

Thank you so much to all of you for everything! Stay safe, stay cool and be happy!

Author’s note: The photo used is not representative of M.Taufik! Therefore, we use a picture of one of our beneficiary who, like M.Taufik, has similar economic problems.

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