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Thank you | Bali Institute & friends for your magic help!
Fair Future Indonesia - April 25, 2020/ Alex Wettstein

Because in life, we always have good friends who help you and that even when you sometimes feel very alone, they are there to tell you that they love you. And you can really feel this love!

Hello Kawans, dear friends, Madam, Sir and dear families,

A huge thank you to Bali Institute for their collaboration and help. Thanks to them too, we can offer more than 700 bags of life and develop the activity in favour of all those who are in danger, who are hungry and have lived in permanent insecurity since the beginning of this Covid-19 crisis.

Bali Institute offers programs for teens, universities and adults designed to explore Bali in order to change perspectives and inspire. By their participation and their impressive help in this program (Covid-19 Community Care), they also inspire us and show that the love of neighbour is an essential element in their approach. We are speechless to see their commitments and involvement in our food program.

We can, therefore, count on their help, their kindness and their super friendly volunteers to help us to buy, to sort, to make the “Bags of Life” and distribute them to all those who need us! (But who will have previously registered with us…).

A huge thank you to the Bali Institute for their commitment, love and benevolence from all the Fair Future Foundation and Kawan Baik teams!

You’re amazing kawans! Stay safe, stay cool and be happy!

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