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Today we prepare | 200 new Bags for a better life in our Base Camp!
Fair Future Indonesia - May 04, 2020/ Alex Wettstein

Today, we have prepared over 200 “bags for life” with our friends, these volunteers who came to help us, the friends form the Bali Institute and all the Kawan’s of the Fair Future Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia!

Hello Kawans, dear friends, Madam. Sir and dear families,

The world and the people are beautiful I think! It is an established fact and it is very good to realise it. The troubled times in which we live are extremely busy for all of us! There is not enough time to do everything, the days are too short. We get up in the morning, we drink a coffee, we go to work, we prepare food and goods donations … And it’s already late at night!

Today, more than 200 bags for life, full of food and vital goods have also been prepared by all the Kawan’s of the foundation. We were almost too much given the restrictions but with the security measures that we take, this is not a problem. Everyone puts on a mask, we have a water point to wash their hands every 20 minutes or so and everyone plays the game.

Anyway, you have to make these bags… It requires a lot of handling and a lot of time too. In addition, we do it by putting our whole heart into it. And it’s really nice to guess all these smiles behind all these masks.

In fact, we are really starting to measure the extent of this social movement! Not by the quantity of food which is counted in several tons, but especially by the testimonies that we receive daily. Whether on social networks, by WhatsApp, by email, who subscribe to Action for Fair Future and make a donation in favour of those who no longer eat!

And all these people, artists, designers, creators who offer us their help to play music, make a design for the new T-shirts of this operation (it’s done, we will show you the news t-shits soon!), or all those who offer solidarity or time, or merchandise, or food!

It is really a magic trick, a true movement of solidarity which is engaged thanks to the kawan’s and which a lot of people or partners join from now on.

Tomorrow will be a day of happiness for 200 people or families. In fact, that will make much more than 200 people who will benefit from all these goods which arrive for them… Families are sometimes large here!

Therefore, whether it is a family like that of M. Taufik whose story I told a few days ago or just one poor individual, all will receive a complete “bag for life” and this will simply allow them to eat a little more, to wash, to take care of themselves and their children and families. What is incredible is that some of the beneficiaries will share the contents of their bags for life, with other members of their community!

We enjoy writing to you, you know! We could multiply the number of News by 10 as we have so much to tell! It’s just that as I said above, the days are only 24 hours! Even here in Indonesia 😉

Thank you so much to all of you for everything!

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