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News published the Wednesday, Jun 24, by Fair Future Foundation
Update and Newsletter, we are in June 2020 Kawans!

Hello Kawans,

An update on the current situation in Indonesia and in Bali… the island of the Gods, the island of mass tourism too. Perhaps Bali suffers more from the situation than any other island in the Indonesian archipelago. In tourist areas, the streets are deserted, shops, restaurants, and bars are closed and many will unfortunately never reopen.

As already mentioned, the health crisis has turned into an economic crisis that has a massive impact on the lives of the inhabitants; no income, no work, nothing to eat. It is vital to get the economy going, to give work to those who have lost theirs; Staying home is possible in some parts of the world, but getting out to work and to live of here is a matter of survival. The virus is still actively circulating on the territory, so it is necessary to learn how to cohabitate with it.

Covid-19 Community Care chapter III – The full story

Since March, we have been providing emergency aid to the communities and families most affected by the economic crisis and the current situation. We will continue to support families and communities most in need with healthy food, basic necessities, soap, disinfectant, and vitamins on the islands of Bali and Sumba. In addition to this, we want to support vulnerable communities and people who have lost their jobs to acquire new skills.

We believe that the transmission of knowledge has a much greater impact on the longer term and allows communities to gain independence. With this in mind, we are starting a program called “Kawan Berdaya” which means “Empowering friends”; we will work with communities of women and prisons to learn new skills.

Collaboration with the women’s prison – Read the full story

At the beginning of June, shops, craftsmen, markets can resume their activity. What makes this economic recovery possible is that everyone must wear a mask to go out on the street or go to work while maintaining a social distance. During the pandemic, prisoners were not allowed to receive visitors. For three months, they were cut off from the world. With our partners, Kunang Jewelery and ToKo Concept Store, we developed this project with women in the Kerobokan prison. By manufacturing 600 masks for our next CCC project, we are offering the prison community the opportunity to take an active role in the fight against the pandemic. We help them to produce the masks in a meticulous way and thus offer them an opportunity for work, occupation, and income.

“Obviously, it’s difficult here. Since I have been here, I have done everything to find many collaborators, to encourage them to do activities in the prison. It also changes the perspective and public perception of the prison environment. We always try to find occupations for them, to highlight their capacities, to offer them ways to improve according to their own experience. The main goal is to offer them training, to restore their confidence, to acquire new knowledge and skills before their return to civil society. The vast majority of women here are convicted of drug-related offenses. Therefore, adequate means must be found to offer them new tools for their future life. “

-Mrs. Lili, Director of the prison-


“For all of us, it was the first time that we went to a prison, which is an overcrowded prison. But we were surprised by what we discovered; beautiful gardens, paintings and colors on all the walls and a warm welcome from the staff and inmates. Mrs. Lili says of her prison that she is as beautiful as a woman, she really tries to change the negative perception of prisons. “

-Ayu, Kawan Baik-

Mbinundita’s school – The full story

Since December 2019, 65 children have been deprived of education due to the collapse of their school.

We planned to rebuild and inaugurate their new school in early April, but the pandemic has frozen the country and the world. We had to react to the urgency of this crisis; some funds allocated to the school had to be redirected for our food aid project in Sumba and Bali.

For the past two weeks, we have been seeing a reopening of the airports inside the archipelago, so we have resumed work on this beautiful project with the hope of being able to start the construction as soon as possible, in early July, for inauguration in October.

The communities of these villages and the beneficiaries of this project cannot wait any longer. They do not have access to electricity; school via a screen is therefore not an option for them. The teachers are doing their best, but the distances between the children’s homes are several kilometres that they have to walk. So it’s really an emergency for us to rebuild as soon as possible!

We still need funding to complete this project, you can support it via our crowdfunding platform below.

The New 3D drawing about the building – The website

For years now, the foundation has been fighting to create original self-sufficiency solutions.

In this sense, we are pleased to inform you that we have created a brand of fair trade product called, which you can visit on

Under this name, we will soon launch an online store, an auction site, a live channel called “No Problem TV” and a program for putting projects online that serve to inspire the young generation to develop ideas. original and initiate business programs, in particular, to boost the local economy. All products, courses, training, and TV shows under the brand are for social purposes only, the products come from artists or local crafts. The lessons are carried out by the foundation, the TV programs are for the benefit of all those who want to speak in order to present an idea, a project, a cause, or an original creation.

Fair Future Indonesia – The full story

After years of waiting, we are very (very) happy to announce the birth of the little sister of the Fair Future Foundation, its legal branch in Indonesian territory; Fair Future Indonesia! It was long, but finally, it is there. What does it change concretely? We are now able to develop and lead projects on our behalf throughout the territory of the archipelago. We take advantage of this newsletter to thank the new board very much for their commitment to us in the projects and years to come.

Thank you all for your support in all these beautiful projects and for your kindness! Do not hesitate to relay this newsletter if you feel like it, visibility is what allows us to continue to move forward and support all these causes every day.

Thank you very much Kawan for your interest, your help, and benevolence.

Kawan Elisa form Fair Future Indonesia.

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