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Pepuatu | Herman, 17, tells us about his life in his remote village

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Kawan: Alex Wettstein

Date of Publication

The July 20, 2022

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From the village of Pepuatu, very isolated and very difficult to access, the young Herman, 17 years old, tells us about his life in his isolated village.

What is this audio podcast about? From East Sumba, with frankness, sincerity and great maturity. What are Herman's dreams? Have water, electricity and a road to access his village. A touching testimony from this young adult. He tells us about the hardness of his life, of his dreams too. How much time per day does he spend fetching water or food from the forest? His life at school too because he has to walk a long way to reach the main road. Thank you so much for your interest Kawan.

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Recorded by the teams of Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia foundations