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Project evaluation. Clean water access point in Mauliru village, Sumba

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Alex Wettstein

June 25, 2021

We are very happy to announce that we have almost completed the project of access to clean water, construction of showers, toilets, and seed germination place, in order to ensure the continuity of production in the vegetable garden families.

Great job from all of us, from Rumah Kambera, Fair Future Base Camp in Eastern Indonesia, and of course all the local community who are also working to carry out this, but also all the other projects of the foundation.

A quick reminder about this project and action: Initiated by Kawan Baik and Fair Future Foundations in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross, is coming to an end. To provide water to nearly 40 families and 250 people by the construction of a project like (Read the .PDF here) this, costs CHF. 9,800.- Everything included, including pumps, filters, construction of the building, hands of local work, etc… This in order to save lives, is certain because infant mortality here is very high.

It’s a constant job as you can imagine. We have to be on site 12 hours a day in order to coordinate the different aspects of such a project while taking into account unforeseen circumstances: The geology of the ground concerning the drilling, the calculation of the slope from the drilling which is now carried out, up to at the clean water point, toilets, showers, etc. which are located a little over 150 meters away. The power supply, the installation of pumps, the 5,000-liter tank (when there is no electricity)… But also, of course, to teach families to use the facilities that we provide, how to take a shower, how not to generate waste, how to maintain the toilets, clean them of course. So many points on which Fair Future and Kawan Baik focus their attention and more.

This installation is revolutionary in its concept and approach. This is why we have determined it to be a “Pilot Project”, we must multiply it by 40 in order to meet the needs of families, villages, and other communities which today do not have access to water.

After 4 days of drilling, we found clean, consumable water. A great joy for us, but also and above all for the families of this village. It is indeed the first time that they will have access to clean water, in quantity and so close to their home. This water will provide them with better health, increase their income, and allow them to have a better quality of life. And also to increase fertility, to eat better, to spend much less time on the roads in order to fetch water far, very far, too far … Therefore women (because here, this role is still reserved for women and children), will have more time to take care of their homes, their children, or even have another occupation, another small business …

We encourage you to watch this little film which shows you how people live in terms of access to safe, hygienic sanitary solutions … And explains the project initiated by Fair Future and Kawan Baik:

The pumps are installed and today, electricity will be brought to the pumping site. This installation is carried out by the PLN, the Electric National Company. The national electricity company (PLN), only charged a small installation fee (CHF 110.-), and the monthly costs are very cheap too, because the beneficiary families are poor, so they receive subsidies by the PLN. Yesterday we also started laying the more than 150 meters of pipes from the pumping site to the sanitary facilities, so the site is connected to a source of clean water, imagine how great it is!

Regarding the filters, all are finished, the pipes are connected to them.

  1. Two Biological Reservoirs for the treatment of wastewater from toilets. A 100% biological system that filters this water, retains heavy materials and rejects filtered water, which is clean and harmless to the health of populations, into the soil;
  2. Two filters using local materials such as cotton, fabrics, ash for the filtration of shower water. Indeed, this water will be collected, filtered, and then reused to water the garden, to grow vegetables, which themselves will ensure better health for people here;

As you may have heard from this little movie, we still have to do about 40 of this same type (read this .PDF here). This is so that as many people as possible can have access to clean water. You are welcome to make a donation in favor of these communities without clean water. From them, a huge thank you.

Thank you very much to all of you for your kindness and support. See you soon!

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Clean Water Point #1 in Mauliru Village – The last pictures for you!

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My Name is Alex Wettstein, CEO, President, founder of Fair Future Foundation. Swiss and International official NGO (State Approved Foundation). I'm working as a volunteer, in the fields of health, education, access to drinking water, in South-East Asia, notably in Indonesia since 2010, I am married to Ayu Setia and we have 3 kids, Flavie, Elisa, and Atha.

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