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Rumah Kambera Base Camp

The Fair Future base camp in eastern Indonesia, the largest aid camp for people in need. This is where everything does, miracles too!

Rumah Kambera – Fair Future Foundation Base Camp in East Sumba

Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children


Fair Future incorporates in all its choices and decisions taken in the context of its actions and field programs, the notions of risks for communities, what is good or bad for them, for people, children, villages. And for years, we have for mission to develop, support, and create humanitarian programs and actions linked to education, training, and medical care. This why Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia have created Rumah Kambera, our Base Camp in the Eastern part of Indonesia.

Rumah Kambera in few words, what is it?
A workplace, social center, an open door for all. A home for them, for us.

The foundation develops and implements actions in eastern Indonesia (NTT) and notably in East Sumba. To do so, we decided to coordinate our actions from what is now; “The Fair Future Base Camp” in the eastern regions of the country. In a village near Waingapu called Lambanapu.

Rumah Kambera is its name. This -house- is a place of coordination of all our socio-medical, educational activities in favor of children, women, and communities in rural and peripheral regions where access to water, electricity, education or health care is almost non-existent.

A place where everyone is welcome to lend a hand, offer a help project, or collaborate with the Foundation’s volunteers and collaborators as part of their activities and programs. In addition, it is also a place of exchanges, conferences, training and workshops, a public, organic garden, a place of experimentation of what works and what does not.

This House is running at full speed, the activities that take place there are extraordinary. There is a dynamic that is rarely seen. We are hundreds: Volunteers, doctors, nurses, architects, builders, logisticians, specialists in access to water … It is a magical place.

Today, the Swiss foundation faces major challenges in terms of engagement in the field: Pandemic, Access to Water, Health, education or the simple fact of being able to go to school. !

Providing medical care, drinking water, light to study, build schools and improve solutions for access to knowledge, and primary care is our main priorities.

We created, realized, set up the project “Rumah Kambera” in this direction:

To improve the living conditions of hundreds of thousands of families and children, living in rural areas of eastern Indonesia.

Rumah Kambera Location – East Sumba – Indonesia NTT


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Fair Future Foundation
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Thank you very much for helping us and see you very soon.

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Fair Future Foundation is a Swiss, international non-governmental organization
Being on the ground with those who need us
Federal Charity Number: CH-550.1.057.027-8

What we do in Rumah Kambera in a few pictures

Some Pictures