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Sumba Photo Stories – News from the East – Kabar dari Timur

January 12, 2021
The Virtual exhibition is online until the 20.03.2021. What is the most urgent, the biggest problem? You just have to ask them. Thanks to this photo project, the children describe...

Rumah Kambera, a house with social projects to ensure their future and their health

December 5, 2020
Rumah means “house” or “home” and Kambera is the name of the village. We chose the word “home” on purpose. indeed, in addition to being our future offices in Sumba,...

Gallery – #RebuildMbinuDita | 10.11.2020

November 10, 2020
Look how beautiful it is, we are coming to the end of the work. There are still all the finishing touches, but for that, we need your help. The roof...

Let’s help 463 kids and their 37 teachers in rural Sumba fund their schools

October 31, 2020
To help 463 children aged 8-10 and 37 teachers living in the Sumba countryside, we are launching a fundraising campaign to help them return to their 18 schools. To date,...

Gallery – #RebuildMbinuDita | 27 10.2020

October 27, 2020
Hard to believe that less than two months ago, he had nothing here on the top of this hill here in East Sumba, on the #RebuildMbinuDita website. We started from...

Gallery – #RebuildMbinuDita | 23 10.2020

October 23, 2020
We are in the process of installing the window frames, the walls and the final roof which should be installed next week. We are expecting people who must come from...

Gallery – #RebuildMbinuDita | 17.10.2020

October 17, 2020
We are in the process of installing the window frames, the walls and the final roof which should be installed next week. We are expecting people who must come from...

Knowing does not mean understanding #RebuildMbinuDita

October 13, 2020
Elisa talks about her stay on the #RebuildMbinuDita site here in East Sumba, her relationships with people, her vision of the project and her physical and emotional involvement in her...

Gallery – #RebuildMbinuDita | 10.10.2020

October 11, 2020
For two months now, we have been on-site living the day-to-day construction of the #RebuildMbinuDita school. As you can see, this school is quite amazing in its style unlike any...

From Surabaya to Sumba, to #RebuildMbinudita School

October 8, 2020
Ambon, Arifin, Agus and Arif. Coming from Surabaya to help us build this school, which we no longer have to name. Today, they shared with us their perspective of this...

A challenge, the ultimate experience, a necessity too! #RebuildMbinuDita

September 28, 2020
Since September 24th, 2020, Fair Future Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia are back on the construction site of the new school. We use a hashtag to quote it: #RebuildMbinuDita. Kawan...

My name is Yaspan, 8yo, I am from Mbinudita

September 25, 2020
Hello, my name is Yaspan, I am 8 years old and I was born in the village of MbinuDita in Sumba East, where the foundation is rebuilding my school and...

Dry grass fires are raging around #RebuildMbinuDita

September 24, 2020
Some news of the fires that annoy us a lot in the context of the construction of #RebuildMbinuDita. As we wrote to you a few weeks ago, the grass and...

Gallery – #RebuildMbinuDita | 23.09.2020

September 23, 2020
Here are new photos of our work on the #RebuildMbinudita site friends. As you can imagine by looking at these pictures, it is not so easy to build without water,...

Gallery – MbinuDita School rebuilding | 21.09.2020

September 21, 2020
Last week, we took some photos with the foundation drone on the #RebuildMbinuDita site. As you can see, the work for the foundations is progressing well despite the immense constraints...

The first container of equipment has arrived in Sumba

September 21, 2020
Crossing the ocean from the island of Java to the island of Sumba is more than 2,000 kilometres of road, sea. It takes about ten days if all goes well....

Ceremony Preparation Event of Mbinudita School

September 15, 2020
-Throughout the history of Sumba Island, this is the first time the regent has come without a proper event- said the official from Praipaha Village, which is the main village...

Gallery – MbinuDita School rebuilding | 09.09.2020

September 15, 2020
Photos from the September 12, 2020 event, -The Participles Vol #2-. A concert in favour of Fair Future Foundation and the school of Mbinu Dita. With local artists, who performed...

Gallery – The Participles Vol 2 | 12.09.20

September 14, 2020
Photos from the September 12, 2020 event, -The Participles Vol #2-. A concert in favour of Fair Future Foundation and the school of Mbinu Dita. With local artists, who performed...

Effect of rampant burning in Sumba lands

September 3, 2020
Nofi, a member of Kawan Baik Indonesia who is on duty in the Mbinudita school reconstruction project in East Sumba had an unpleasant incident. Just imagine, on the way to...


To carry out social, medical, creative, cultural, solidarity, ecological projects and try to make the world a better place…

Our mission is to provide solutions for a better life, access to medical care, education, healthy living to those who need it most.
Fair Future provides assistance to populations in distress, to victims of epidemics, natural or man-made disasters.
We do this while respecting local geographic contexts, local beliefs and traditions.

Provide information on the importance of sanitation and hygiene, as well as a healthy lifestyle for women, especially during menstruation.

Reproductive health for teenage girls, victims of sexual abuse. Learning the reproductive system in young girls, victims of forced marriages when they are underage, often under 15 years old.

Prevention of pregnancies in young girls, and support if they are pregnant.

Help to provide a good education and experience during childhood will positively affect their behaviour and way of thinking.

Help kids build their future in terms of schooling, learning languages, vocational training useful for their environment and their place of life.

Offer them the opportunity to show us their shortcomings and their problems (through their points of view), by implementing simple and fun actions.

Provide access to a source of water and, if possible, drinking water, by developing projects for the construction of wells, water reservoirs, and the installation of rainwater recovery systems, for example, the foundation act.

It is a question of ensuring families a healthier life in order to be able to drink, cook healthy food, wash clothes, and they can wash and shower.

But also to fight against malnutrition and infant mortality due to poor water quality.

Develop micro-credit and zero-interest loan solutions, leading to the granting of money loans to entrepreneurs, street vendors, artisans, and people with a small project and goals for their life.

A vast majority of these people cannot access conventional bank loans like everyone else.

These foundation Micro-Credit solutions make it possible to carry out their own projects, thus promoting activity and wealth creation, and income for an entire family, or community.

For more than a decade, the Foundation has been meeting the basic needs of the most disadvantaged children in terms of food, housing, access to care and medical monitoring, and disease prevention.

But also the consequences of accidents, of social and emotional development aid, in particular towards disadvantaged groups and individuals.

We work to provide healthy and adequate food, sharing knowledge and experience in creating a healthy lifestyle for communities.

Work in so-called “emergency” actions such as: Care for children in danger, abandoned children, street children, and victims of various forms of trafficking.

Provide support to families in priority difficulty after a natural disaster, a shortage of water, food, or who are suffering from a pandemic or epidemic.

Provide food and vital products (COVID-19), rebuild destroyed schools, houses, or all other educational buildings.

Learning to treat minor injuries not to become more serious injuries before being taken to the hospital for professional doctors treatment.

When the 1st aid kit can be accessed easily, we ensure people are safe. When basic needs for access to basic healthcare are not met, we begin simple actions.

One 1st aid kit per school & village! Lack of medical facilities, difficulties of the Indonesian health system, the poverty of families are the main reasons for this finding.

Without the provision of modern energy and electricity, there is no support for socio-economic development and improving living conditions in rural areas in Indonesia.

We develop fair solutions to provide light, a simple lamp in a house, or in a village so that children can study when they return from school.

We install solar panels in villages, on playgrounds and we favour the use of renewable energy sources such as wind, water and solar.