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We are happy to explain to you how we work, and all that is happening as part of our actions for a fair future for all!

Discover how we provide social, medical humanitarian purposes

Wherever we are involved, the cases and the environment are unique. Nonetheless, Fair Future follows a common set of practices designed to ensure that its resources and expertise are used in an optimal and respectful manner.

COVID-19 - Map of actions and definitions of needs in East Sumba NTT, Indonesia

This map is produced by the foundation's teams, but also all the volunteers involved in the field from our local Base Camp in Sumba -Rumah Kambera-.

Where we work, in the east of the country, people have no access to anything. No testing, no vaccine, no treatment, no information. Entire communities are being left behind, people are dying and the state is doing nothing. Fair Future has a plan of action and asks you to help it do the essentials for tens of thousands of people.

Today, the Swiss foundation faces significant challenges in terms of engagement in the field: The Pandemic, Access to Water, Healthcare, education...

How your donations are used?Your donations pay for tons of food, medical treatments, solutions to have a better and healthier life!Thank you very much for your support


Socio-Medical Mission




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Your donationMatters a lot to them!Your gift will help us provide solutions for an healthier life, to all thos in need

How your donationsAre used?Your gifts provide medical care, life-saving resources, to tens of thousands of people

The key to anHealthy living is to Simply being with people, understanding them and helping them according to their real needs