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We activate the “Truck of Life” program by FFF and KBI

Rumah Kambera | Truck of Life

Alex Wettstein

June 8, 2021

Why are we activating this “Truck of Life” program?

Where we work live thousands of people who do not have access to the most basic needs: Health and medical care, clean water, electricity, food, education. So, the “truck of Life”, part of the “Kawan Sehat – The healthy friend” program, will help us to increase our logistical resilience.

The projects located in eastern Indonesia and led by the Fair Future and Kawan Baik Foundation, are long-term projects. Rumah Kambera, our Base Camp is growing a lot. Rumah Kambera becomes the nerve center for the coordination of a large number of social and medical activities carried out by the foundation, but also by our friends who are members of different local communities.

This “Truck of Life” is an essential element of our responses on site. This truck allows us to go where no one is going. No more having to use unsuitable and dangerous scooters. But also, because no road, but violent and difficult terrain, and of course, during the rainy season, and one adapted vehicle is necessary, essential.

What will the foundation’s first “Truck of Life” be doing next week and for years to come?

  • Take a child to the doctor, dentist, or for a medical emergency;
  • Bring educational materials, medical équipment, food, water;
  • Materials and constructions, for example for boreholes for access to water;
  • Improve our services related to health care, education, bring goods for a healthier life;
  • Access these rural areas without a road with an adapted vehicle;
  • Transport our teams, our volunteers in safety and shelter from bad weather;

We also want to wholeheartedly thank the people who made this dream possible

That of creating and activating this program which we aptly called “Truck of Life”. A donation for an amount of CHF 35,000.- was made by a Swiss organization, for this precise and specific purpose: “-An all-terrain vehicle to go where no one goes!” We take this opportunity to thank them with all our hearts for their trust, their benevolence, and the infinite kindness they have shown to the Foundation for years.

A departure on the June 12th for East Sumba

  • A three-day road trip 30++ hours, three different ferries, three different islands, nearly a thousand kilometers. Cross Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa and Sumba from the west of the island towards Rumah Kambera located in Lambanapu, Sumba-Est, NTT (See the route below);
  • Three Kawan’s  (good friends) will be part of the trip: Kawan Yosa, Kawan Niluh, and Kawan Alex;
  • We will transport useful equipment that we need to Sumba, especially for Rumah Kambera, the garden we are creating, and vital goods for the families there;
  • On-site, 2-3 weeks to work full time on the very many projects in progress, but mainly in the construction of central water points, solutions for access to clean water, sanitary solutions. But also our school of MbinuDita, the programs of access to medical care, etc …

We will keep you informed via social networks of our trip, but also of the actions made possible thanks to our “Truck of Life”, throughout the coming weeks.

Thank you very much to all of you for your kindness and support. See you soon!

The route from FFF Base Camp in Denpasar, to FFF Base Camp in Waingapu

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The first pictures of our “Truck of Life” …

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My Name is Alex Wettstein, CEO, President, founder of Fair Future Foundation. Swiss and International official NGO (State Approved Foundation). I'm working as a volunteer, in the fields of health, education, access to drinking water, in South-East Asia, notably in Indonesia since 2010, I am married to Ayu Setia and we have 3 kids, Flavie, Elisa, and Atha.

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