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Asssaria, 9 years old, must have surgery quickly for her very serious burns to her legs & lower back

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Published on Youtube the: 2022-07-12 10:32:06 - By Fair Future Foundation

Asssaria, 9 years old, must have surgery quickly for his very serious burns to her legs & lower back.

A bottle full of fuel (gasoline) fell into the house fire. At the time of the accident, he was wearing only nylon clothing and was burned.

Assaria, 9, comes from an area where the Fair Future and Kawan Baik foundations have been working for more than three years. 18 months ago, with gasoline, Assa suffered terrifying 3rd-degree burns to both legs, buttocks and lower back. Today he suffers from very serious complications which put his future, and his life in danger.

Assa only received primary care here in Waingapu, East Sumba, as nothing exists to treat this type of serious injury. He should have received skin grafts long before. But now things are like that. He received no special care.

We know Assa because he is a child from Mbinudita, a pupil of the school we built here on the highest hill in the village. Alerted, Fair Future also provided him care in the context of his village, bandages, and antibiotic treatments because there is not enough water to wash, or you have to walk very far to fetch a few litres of water. Here in this area, wounds become infected quickly, especially when the scars are from 3rd-degree burns.

Assa must be operated on quickly for severe burns to her legs and lower back. Currently, he walks with difficulty because the skin is no longer elastic. She retracts with the burns. This makes his legs unable to bend, and his skin is rock hard. The big problem is that Assa is only 9 years old (8 years old at the time of the facts) and that he is growing; it will grow quickly!

The consequences can be disastrous if Assaria does not undergo adequate surgical treatment in a suitable care centre.

Today, Assa suffers from a loss of sensitivity and blood circulation disorders that prevent healing wounds, which are already 18 months old!

This deterioration in his physical and mobile condition can only worsen with growth and complications. This can go as far as a possible amputation. But before that, a total impossibility to mobilize, or at the cost of excruciating pain. And not being able to mobilize here is the end of everything.

Assa is now alone with his mother and father. He can no longer walk to school. It is also impossible to help his family to fetch water. Play with his friends? He watches them play with envy, sitting on a pebble. He participates with voice and laughter!

Assa wants the operation. He likes the idea and is willing to do whatever it takes. We explained that it would take a long time and he would also have to leave his village for long weeks. It is even okay for us to go there without these parents, aware that it will be complicated to accommodate such an operation for two or three people.

His parents do not have insurance or the smallest possible, which will not cover any hospital costs for such a surgical operation. You will have to go far from Sumba, take the plane, find accommodation, travel and pay hospital costs… It’s a huge challenge, isn’t it?

The region here is economically very poor.

The inhabitants of this very rural area of East Sumba are all farmers and consume the fruits of their harvest. The houses have no access to electricity or clean water (this is changing thanks to Fair Future and the Water Connections project), and it is difficult to eat because there is not enough for everyone. Showering once a week at most is typical for villagers and other rural dwellers in East Sumba.

That’s it, that’s all. It is simple but, at the same time, very complicated. Together we can do it for him. Okay?

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