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Lukukamaru, NTT – Feasibility study of a deep drilling project and access to clean water

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Published on Youtube the: 2022-07-07 03:25:33 - By Fair Future Foundation

Desa Lukukamaru, Sumba Timur, NTT – The film, of this 2nd day of work and studies in this village.

Lukukamaru – Fair Future Foundation & Kawan Baik Indonesia are going here for the 2nd time. A village with very difficult to access, rutted dirt roads on which our #truckoflife truck can make its way.

Before we can do anything here, and find the best solution, we have to prepare and study the terrain. Access is difficult in this very isolated rural village. No road or path leads there.

We spend several hours with the villagers to better understand their problems in life, their health, and how they live with almost nothing. We ask them the right questions & share looks, smiles, and tears too for some.
No water, no income, can only shower once a week at most, eat only boiled corn, a little rice when they can buy it, salt, and peppers. For the rest, they get it from the forest, nature, roots and wild green vegetables. On average, an adult person here can consume only 2-2.5 litres/day for everything: Drinking, eating, cooking, going to the toilet, bathing, washing clothes & sharing the rest with animals.

For the 2nd time, we go to the bottom of the hill to fetch water with them. About 400 meters, a dangerous path. It’s still steep, and the stones are still slipping. Children from 5 to 10 years old fetch water with us at the water source. How can this source, so small, suffice for a whole village? The water is neither clean nor sufficient. The trickle of water is tiny!

It’s tiring, exhausting, in principle, if you have enough strength, you have to go down there 3 times a day. To avoid this, rainwater is the primary resource.
Consequences of this life: Fatigue, various diseases, malnutrition, water stress, especially psychological. It should also be noted that the pests have completely destroyed the corn crops, and the gardens and this is additional anguish.

We have been planning for months to do something for this village, as for the others. A borehole, a well, a Ferro-cement tank. This would guarantee them 100% better health, a healthier life, in harmony with their environment too.

It was the 2nd day of our work with the people of Lukukamaru & we’re sure that there will be many more. Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation, with the help of everyone, villagers, local authorities and anyone who wants to help us fund such a program, is drawing up an action plan before we can get to work.

The collection of data is essential: those demographic, social, geological, and health obviously. But also those who we will serve so that we can start digging, building, and distributing water for this poor community. Logistics are essential, you have to live on site. The clean water here is only reachable very deep. You have to use gravity and study the ground.

You can’t go wrong!

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