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Rebuild School building, Rebuild Community, #RebuildMbinudita

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Youtube Channel: Fair Future Foundation
Published on Youtube the: 2020-12-08 10:34:51 - By Fair Future Foundation

At the end of 2019, strong winds knocked down the parallel classroom building of the Mbinudita school, the building flattened to the ground, books and all classrooms were wet. “Where will you go to school later?”, Said the children of Mbinudita sadly seeing the collapsed school picking up the rest of the books.

Kawan Baik Indonesia is fully supported by Fair Future Foundation, accompanied by the support of various partners from Archimetriz Bali, KP2S, Charis Sumba Foundation, working hand in hand to rebuild the school building. Parents of students, local residents, teachers, children also participate in the school construction process. Day, night, heat or rain did not dampen the enthusiasm in completing the school building process.

Now, the school is back on its feet, Build Schools, Build Villages, Build the Future, Build Mbinudita.