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The Shades of Water – A movie about Clean Water Access

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Youtube Channel: Fair Future Foundation
Published on Youtube the: 2021-12-21 08:35:46 - By Fair Future Foundation

Fair Future Foundation works every day to improve the living conditions of rural communities in eastern Indonesia. The year 2021 draws to a close and we contemplate the extent of the work that awaits us in 2022.

One of the Foundation’s tasks is to ensure equitable access to water in quantity and quality, in order to prevent disease and sustain lives. This is to reduce environmental health risks by managing sanitation safely and with dignity. Still, the foundation seeks to involve women and men in the management of water resources, in sanitation by putting in place safe hygiene practices to maximize the benefits for their communities.

It’s too easy to forget that water is a miracle. In some countries, clean, safe drinking water is so plentiful and readily available that we take it for granted. Access to drinking water should be a basic human right.

Our field experience has taught us a very simple lesson: without water, living conditions cannot improve. Without water, there is no green, no blue, no life. Without water, there will be no plants, no trees, no fruit, no vegetables, no food.

The majority of communities with which Fair Future works struggle every day to have access to this fundamental right, which is why our actions for the year 2022 will be focused on creating access to water for these families, so that their health can improve, that they can grow food. But also offer them the opportunity to create an economic activity that will serve their living conditions.

At this end of the year, Fair Future wishes to present to you – with the help of a short documentary – the difficulties encountered by these families, these entire communities. For ten liters of water, often unfit for consumption, you have to walk for miles, digging wells by hand in which water will not be a guarantee.

We hope that this look at some of the foundation’s places of activity can help you understand the extent of a complex and at times inhumane situation of the water crisis.

We are counting on you to support future projects, the first of which is the construction of a network of wells in the Mbinudita region, which will provide access to water to more than 200 families. A unique, innovative, original, participatory, ecological, and vital project! We have been working on it for several months and it is progressing well.

This is the last project of the year 2021 and, as a continuation, it will be one of our projects to improve life, health, reduce the rate of morbidity of children in the year 2022.

On the whole of CHF. 49,000.-, Fair Future has already funded this project at almost 25%, so we count on your support to collect the remaining 75% and we thank you in advance! Each donation makes a real difference and allows us to go one step further.

The Fair Future teams wish you all a very good viewing and a very happy New Year!