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Giving some of my time to a field mission is something I want to do. I don’t mind living far from everything and without comfort. Living an authentic and unique experience with people living in rural areas of eastern Indonesia is an idea that I really like.

NGO volunteering opportunities are the best way to actively support social, medical and logistics teams in a developing country. Gain practical work experience while traveling. If you want to use your business and marketing skills to help the community or the environment, volunteering for a nonprofit is a great way to do it. So why not with us here?

NGO volunteers can also apply for an administrative internship abroad to help the management of an NGO with office work. NGO interns take on different tasks such as fundraising or program coordination and supervision. If you have an outgoing personality and a problem-solving mindset, Fair Future Foundation’s volunteer programs could be a great opportunity for you, right?

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Donate for a cause of your choice

Donate to programs initiated by Fair Future and be on the ground with us. We are committed to ensuring that as many people as possible have access to medical care (basic and emergency care), Covid-19 screening and testing, access to school and knowledge, drinking and clean water, sanitation, women's rights, and minorities living in rural and ultra peripheral areas.

Going where no one ever goes is one of our priorities, see Truck Of Life program.

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Give for Clean Water Access

Fair Future works every day to improve the living conditions of rural communities in eastern Indonesia.

One of the Foundation's tasks is to ensure equitable access to water in quantity and quality, in order to prevent disease, maintain lives and livelihoods. This is to reduce environmental risks to health, by managing sanitation safely and with dignity. Still, the foundation seeks to involve women and men in the management of water resources, in sanitation by the implementation of safe hygiene practices in order to maximize the benefits for their communities. Read more here!

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Give for healthcare access

Whether it is to fight against famine, diseases linked to the lack of clean water, the lack of sanitation system, the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, respiratory diseases linked to air pollution, tuberculosis, or any other form of recurrent illness, Fair Future does what it can to best help populations in need.

Help us to provide us with medicines, medical equipment, logistics, my indispensable faith also to get us where no one ever goes. Help us to heal, to give a better life, to help us to save lives!

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Give for COVID-19 in Indonesia

Take care of people, do what the state does not! Fair Futur acts to detect, test, treat and vaccinate the victims of the Pandemic. No Antigen tests, no vaccine (here in Sumba for example, hardly anyone is vaccinated). Also, the health centers are closed because they are infected and the medical staff is sick.

There are very few doctors and other medical personnel who are still at work. This is linked to medical and infectious factors, but also and above all because the staff is no longer paid, therefore they no longer come to work.

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Providing relief in natural disasters

After the Sumba natural disaster in April 2021, Fair Future is the only foreign organization there. We commit ourselves every day to rebuild, to improve...

We are confronted with health problems, social challenges. We need infrastructural and human resources. They need to eat, drink, have access to healthcare and a roof to protect themselves!

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Give for Rumah Kambera

Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation incorporate in all its choices and decisions taken in the context of its actions and field programs, the notions of risks for communities, what is good or bad for them, for people, children, villages. And for years, we have for mission to develop, support and create humanitarian programs and actions linked to education, training, and medical care. This is why Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia have created Rumah Kambera, our Base Camp in the Eastern part of Indonesia.

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Give for Fair Future Platefrom

The Fair Future donation platform focuses on the fundraising needs of nonprofit organizations

More than yesterday and even less than tomorrow, Fair Future and Kawan Baik Foundations continue to develop projects with humanitarian, positive, and virtuous objectives.

Our organizations get involved every day, in a concrete way on the ground. They are men and women, mostly volunteers, who work to find solutions and implement them so that everyone can have a better life.

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You don't have access to e-banking?

Sometimes, it is not possible to make a donation via modern solutions, by what is called "e-banking".

From then on, you can participate in one of our projects or programs by making a bank transfer, via one of our two bank accounts in Switzerland.

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Thanks for your feedback, we will always get back to you!


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Wherever we are involved, the cases and the environment are unique. Nonetheless, Fair Future follows a common set of practices designed to ensure that its resources and expertise are used in an optimal and respectful manner

Fair Future Charter

Fair Future Foundation is a Swiss and international Foundation.

The foundation is mainly composed of social and medical staff, agents of the health sector, and pioneers in their particular fields such as Access to water, renewable energies, and is also open to all other professions that can contribute to the achievement of its objectives.

The men and women working for or with the foundation undertake to respect their professional ethics and to maintain total independence with regard to any political, economic, or religious power.

The Swiss foundation and its local partners come to the aid of populations in distress, victims of natural or man-made disasters. They do so without distinction of race, religion, creed, or political convictions.

Fair Future observes neutrality and impartiality in the name of universal medical ethics and the right to humanitarian assistance and claims full freedom in the exercise of its functions.

As volunteers brought to work with the foundation understand the risks and dangers of the missions they accomplish and do not claim for themselves or their beneficiaries any other form of remuneration than that which the foundation might be able to grant them.