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Where are we working

Maps of activity and screening by Fair Future & Kawan Baik Foundations

Map of actions and definitions of needs by fair future & Kawan Baik, in East Sumba NTT, Indonesia

This map is produced by the foundation's teams, but also all the volunteers involved in the field from our local Base Camp in Sumba -Rumah Kambera-.

This incredible place in which is organized, plans responses and actions, by all those who respond to emergency situations since the beginning of April 2021. Today, all together, we are rebuilding and planning for the long term the implementation of sustainable solutions linked to health, water, food, and infrastructure.

You can click on the menu icon to open the pane of places, regions, villages, areas and see what are the needs, the local resources, the logistics put in place by our teams. What has been done, is being done now, and what remains for us to do!
Note that this map is continuously updated by us directly from the field!