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Together, we can Rebuild Sumba

Your participation can save their life. Flood In Sumba, April.21.

Rebuild Communities, Give back life

We appeal for donations in order to provide people who have nothing left, just the essentials in terms of food, basic necessities, blankets, to help pregnant women, children and the most vulnerable people. Donate offline here

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I donate to help Fair Future in Sumba NTT

To finance our actions such as Medical care, food and drinking water, infrastructure, temporary electricity, children and vulnerable people, pregnant women...
We will use 100% of your donation towards the dramatic situation in Sumba NTT
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Fair Future is a Swiss, International NGO, whose members are present and involved in the field of its actions, always and forever. This is to be sure that the resources put in place correspond to the real needs of individuals, families, and children.

Truck of Life, an essential element of our responses

It allows us to go where no one goes!

For nearly a year also, our teams and specialists have tried to do without a suitable vehicle either by using scooters or by renting trucks or off-road cars. Today, the foundation has made the decision to acquire its proper vehicle so that it can increase its logistical resilience, the safety of its staff, and the responses to the problems experienced by the communities of these ultra-peripheral and very rural areas.

Truck Of LifeSupport Truck Of Life