One of the key documents of Fair Future

An official Swiss organisation State Approved an recognised of pure public utility

Recognition of public utility and tax exemption

This document is the one that allows the foundation to live. It is recognition and the fruit of years of hard work. It demonstrates our know-how, how we work, that the management of our organization is good and that you can have confidence in everything that we do and engage in the field.

A Swiss State Approved organisation

Fair Future Foundation is a Swiss Foundation founded in 2008, recognised of Pure Public Utility, Tax Exempted and State Approved by the Canton of Vaud and the Swiss Confederation

This status issued by the Swiss authorities allows you, among other things, to deduct all your donations from your tax return.

For our organisation, this is a sign of seriousness and a great recognition because it is incredibly complicated to obtain this tax status from the authorities of the Canton of Vaud and of the Swiss Confederation.

Under the supervision of the Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations – Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA)

Federal Number: CH-550.1.057.027-8
IDE\UID: CHE-114.715.376

The Fair Future Foundation provides practical help support for sick, injured, malnourished people (newborn, babies, kids, teenagers, adults, elderly and communities) by developing social, health and medical care projects in the long term.

Fair Future Documentation

In this list, all official documents related to the Swiss Foundation. Statutes, Declaration of pure public utility, tax exemptions, commercial register ... If some documents are missing, it is because we may have forgotten to publish them here.

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