Our Ethical Code and our charter

These six core values guides us in our daily choices and decisions!

The Ethical Code and the charter of Fair Future

To carry out our mission, our projects follow a series of values common to our entire organization!

The Fair Future Foundation and its representations operate in the fields of education for disease prevention, medical care, women’s rights, education, and the professional integration of children, adolescents, and young adults.

These six core values guide us in our daily choices and decisions! These guiding principles dictate our behavior and can help us understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong. The six foundation core values also help us to determine if we are on “the right track” and whether we can achieve our goals and fulfill our mission.

These core values come not from our reflection, but from our philosophy and from what we deeply are every day. This is what determines us all here at the foundation, as an entire organization but especially as human being.

Social justice for all

We believe in equitable social justice as the only guarantor of equality in health, respect for fundamental rights and collective solidarity.


We are independent of any power or political, religious or financial interests, in the choice of our programs and our way of doing things. Refuse all subordination, we privilege to dialogue with the people we work with.


Thanks to committed professionals, volunteers and employees, we care, testify and support the people in their desire for social change.

Balance & Equity

The balance between here and there, between emergency and long-term programs, medical knowledge and secular knowledge, public and private donations. This balance is part of our relevance and originality.


Together with our partners and communities, we help vulnerable people to act in their social environment, to be health workers and to assert their rights.


In all cases of figures, we go after things, at our pace. We do not give up, never. We consider that there is a solution to all problems and that all can be solved, in accordance with local laws and traditions.

The foundation operates with total respect for the beliefs, traditions, customs, religions of the country or regions where it will be called upon to work.

The foundation ethos excludes any denominational or ethnic discrimination. Furthermore, they are strictly not politically affiliated.

The foundation commitment is to build sustainably, without any kind of condescendence towards local population, nor the already existing initiatives.

Support an entire family, with 1.- daily

For access to medical care, water, electricity, school, a healthy lifestyle and the fight against the pandemic

Your sponsorship is precious, it is even essential! Thanks to a daily contribution, the foundation and its teams can provide lasting and concrete support each year to hundreds of people and their families in rural areas of eastern Indonesia! That is why we encourage you to become an active sponsor, by donating 1 CHF. 1.00 or 1.00 € per day. This will finance part of our programs for access to medical care, drinking water, electricity for studying, a healthier lifestyle, and the fight against epidemics and pandemics in families.

I help a family with 1.-/day giftI give for Healthcare access