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Our Statutes

Our mission, our goals, what we can do and how as State Approved Swiss Organisation

The official statutes of the foundation, approved by the Swiss Confederation

The statutes of the foundation transcribe our missions and objectives.

They also guide programs and projects since the foundation was created and determine the scope of the foundation. The first version was established by the Foundation Board in 2008. This essential document has been modified over the years to meet the requirements of the Swiss Confederation.

Under the supervision of the Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations – Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA)

Federal Number: CH-550.1.057.027-8
IDE\UID: CHE-114.715.376

The Fair Future Foundation provides practical help support for sick, injured, malnourished people (newborn, babies, kids, teenagers, adults, elderly and communities) by developing social, health and medical care projects in the long term.

Fair Future Documentation

In this list, all official documents related to the Swiss Foundation. Statutes, Declaration of pure public utility, tax exemptions, commercial register ... If some documents are missing, it is because we may have forgotten to publish them here.

If so, please contact us by email here. thank you very much.


Your donations finance the programs initiated by Fair Future. A nail, a screw, a roof, drinking water, healthy meals, minor surgery, medical care, school notebooks, shoes, a solar lamp and so many other things every year.


Patients, women, children, families who have received benefits


Invested in social, medical, logistical programs in rural areas


Liters of clean, non-lethal water found and offered to people


Hours of work donated in support of the projects

In 2022

in 2022? More patients, more projects, more requests!

Fair Future Foundation

Annual report 2020