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Active in emergency aid, Fair Future provides rapid, appropriate, and effective responses to populations affected by natural disasters, epidemics/pandemics, shortages, or socio-economic crises.

Donate to one of the programs run by Fair Future: Access to Medical Care, Access to safe drinking water and healthy food, education, school supplies, protections for vulnerable people, women’s rights, Truck of Life, Rumah Kambera… Thank you for your help!

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Fair Future is a Swiss, International NGO, whose members are present and involved in the field of its actions, always and forever. This is to be sure that the resources put in place correspond to the real needs of individuals, families, and children.

Support an entire family, with 1.- daily

For access to medical care, water, electricity, school, a healthy lifestyle and the fight against the pandemic

Your sponsorship is precious, it is even essential! Thanks to a daily contribution, the foundation and its teams can provide lasting and concrete support each year to hundreds of people and their families in rural areas of eastern Indonesia! That is why we encourage you to become an active sponsor, by donating 1 CHF. 1.00 or 1.00 € per day. This will finance part of our programs for access to medical care, drinking water, electricity for studying, a healthier lifestyle, and the fight against epidemics and pandemics in families.

I help a family with 1.-/day giftI give for Healthcare access