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What we are doing with your donation?

Your gifts make the impossible possible

How the Fair Future Foundation spends donation funds?

You may have seen stories in the press criticising charities and the amount of income they spend on charitable activities. About 93 cents of every dollar we raise at the Foundation is used to fight poverty

Donors want to know how much of their donation goes to the humanitarian services and programs the Fair Future Foundation, Action for Fair Future and all our approved partners provides, and how much goes to our costs for fundraising and management and general.

While the ratio of program spending to overall expenses including fundraising, management and general varies slightly from year to year, over time an average of 93 cents of every dollar the Fair Future Foundation spends is invested in humanitarian services and programs.

  • The percentage of expenses directly incurred within the framework of our actions, on the ground in favor of all of our actions! 93% 93%


Donate offline

If you want to make a donation by bank transfer, there are our bank details in Switzerland

Fair Future Foundation
Route d’Yvonand 8B – 1522 Lucens (VD) – Switzerland
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV)
IBAN : CH 83 0076 7000 e543 5802 2
Bank clearing: 767

Fair Future Foundation
Route d’Yvonand 8B – 1522 Lucens (VD) – Switzerland
Credit Suisse Bank
IBAN : CH64 0483 5143 7008 9100 0
Bank clearing: 4835

Thank you very much for helping us and see you very soon.

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Fair Future Foundation is a Swiss, international non-governmental organization
Being on the ground with those who need us
Federal Charity Number: CH-550.1.057.027-8

Some donors want to know how much of every dollar they donate goes to a particular disaster. For major disasters like the Covid-19, we generally allocate a minimum of 93 cents of each dollar raised to the program – and sometimes more. However, the Foundation responds to tens of causes each year, and each of them offers services to tens of thousands of beneficiaries.

So we don’t track fundraising and management and overhead for each of the individual programs. We honour the donor’s intention, and if a donor designates their donation for a particular action, their donation will be allocated to this defined program. The Fair Future Foundation receives donations from several sources: Financial donors, private donors, corporations, or other legal foundations. But also sometimes donations in kind.

  • Healthy living, health, education, women’s & childhood programs, access to water and energy 65% 65%
  • Education for children, parents, families, schools, remote villages and teachers 18% 18%
  • Logistics accommodation, food, travel, transportation, voluntary management, cargo 10% 10%
  • Used for fair future administration management in Indonesia and Switzerland for both Organisation 7% 7%


Despite our many services, the Fair Future Foundation is one organisation. We are authorised to classify ourselves in the category of the Official non-profit organisations, recognised as Pure Public Utility, Tax Exempted. One of our main priorities is to be mindful of costs, of all costs. We try to keep our fundraising and management and overhead costs as low as possible so that we can spend more on people who are in urgent need of our services.

We regularly look for ways to streamline, consolidate operations and reduce expenses. We use volunteers every day to keep costs down.

Any organisation has management and administration fees. Ours is very low. How is this 93% distributed in favour of our projects and actions?

  • Less than 7% is used for the administrative management of the foundation: Stamps, office, consumables, computers, rents, Internet, electricity etc! 7% 7%

We publish our financial statements and the report of the foundation’s accounts annually. These are verified by our “official accounts auditor”, then sent to the Swiss Confederation. In addition, we are accredited by the Department of Internal Affairs of the Swiss Confederation and the Canton of Vaud.