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What we can assure you about your donations to Fair Future
Extract | Donate to charity with a tax-deductible donation online – quickly and easily – to help the most vulnerable people. Tens of thousands of families are in need of shelter, food, water, and medical care. Your tax-deductible charitable donation will help provide humanitarian support to people fleeing issues of insecurity, poverty, conflict, and other issues related to minorities and vulnerable people
Fair Future Documentation

In this list, all official documents related to the Swiss Foundation. Statutes, Declaration of pure public utility, tax exemptions, commercial register ... If some documents are missing, it is because we may have forgotten to publish them here.

If so, please contact us by email here. thank you very much.

We need a truck to bring equipment to villages

Linked among others to the Deep Well Drilling program (Water Connections), we need to acquire a small second-hand truck, to transport our drilling machine to the sites from our base camp in Sumba East. But also all building materials (sand, cement, bricks, scrap metal etc…). At the moment, we cannot do this ourselves and have to resort to renting a truck. It costs too much and handicaps us a great deal. We are appealing to your big heart, friends. Thanks in advance for your help.