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The annual activity reports of the Fair Future Foundation are here. Documented, illustrated, quantified, and also interesting even though there is still a lot of text, an official document that the foundation must provide each year to the Swiss Confederation. It is for us the means of transmitting to you what we do every day, every week, every month of the year. Fair Future Foundation and all the collaborators who make it live offer medical, social, educational, logistical, and infrastructural assistance to people affected by shortages, epidemics, disasters or exclusion from health care. With Kawan Baik Indonesia, we work in the most rural and ultra-peripheral areas of Indonesia. Fair Future in the field, these are teams made up of health professionals - all local -, logistics and administrative staff, also recruited locally. Our actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of impartiality, independence, and neutrality. We do not employ foreigners, we empower local resources and are the ones who implement the actions on the ground, without an intermediary. This is what makes Fair Future and Kawan Baik unique.