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Delivering Medical Supplies in East Indonesia

Unveiling the Remarkable Expedition: Delivering Vital Medical Aid to Ultra-Rural East Indonesia's Remote Regions with Resilience and Dedication. Follow our arduous journey from Denpasar to the heart of East Indonesia's ultra-rural regions, facing traffic jams, scorching sun, and ferry challenges,...
PrimaryMedicalCare, Transforming Healthcare in Ultra-Rural Areas

PrimaryMedicalCare, Transforming Healthcare in Ultra-Rural Areas

In the heart of East Sumba, Fair Future Foundation’s PrimaryMedicalCare program emerges as a beacon of hope, revolutionizing healthcare access. This initiative is not just about delivering medical services; it’s about empowering local women, building resilient communities, and pioneering a sustainable healthcare model that could inspire change far beyond Indonesia’s borders.



Urgent needs for medical equipment

For the #ZeroMalaria Program

Four crucial elements are needed to combat malaria in ultra-rural areas: Rapid Diagnostic Tests, Insecticide-Treated Bed Nets, Indoor Residual Spraying Equipment, and Antimalarial Medicines. Accurate diagnosis via RDTs is vital for timely treatment. More information.

A Portable Ultrasound Machine

We need to acquire a Portable Ultrasound Machine for Eastern Indonesia’s ultra-rural areas. This isn’t just equipment; it’s a lifeline to detect pregnancy complications, reducing fatal outcomes. Your donation directly saves lives. More information.

Two Trinocular Olympus Microscopes

We urgently need Olympus Trinocular Microscopes for our fight against malaria. Costing CHF 2300 each, these vital tools enable accurate parasite identification, which is essential for effective treatment. It’s not a luxury; it’s life or death.  More information.

Solar home lighting system

Here, thousands of homes have no electricity, affecting education and healthcare. A gift will install a solar lighting system/house, improving study conditions and the general well-being of children. You can make a real difference! More information.

Ongoing activity reports

In the heart of Eastern Indonesia, the absence of clean water, sanitation, and medical care demands our urgent action. Daily, we strive not just for temporary relief, but to build a future where health and well-being are unalienable rights. Side by side with local communities, we forge a covenant of dignity and self-sufficiency, honoring every individual within the tapestry of life that connects us all.
Alex Wettstein

Founder, President and Chief Medical Officer, Fair Future Foundation

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