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Discover how we provide Social, medical, humanitarian support

Wherever we are involved, the cases and the environment are unique. Nonetheless, Fair Future follows a common set of practices designed to ensure that its resources and expertise are used in an optimal and respectful manner

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Projects Updates

The Water Connections Program

We are launching a peer-to-peer campaign to fund this vital project for a few thousand people in rural eastern Indonesia. You can create a team and become its captain! Or start as an independent fundraiser!

Altogether, you can help finance part of this great action, either by finding the means to pay for the construction of a water storage tank, a deep borehole, pipes, kilometers of pipes, one or more solar panels, batteries, or technical equipment.

You can see the list of needs displayed on the “Water Connections” peer-to-peer campaign page here by clicking this link.

We will launch it soon!

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Fair Future Charter

Fair Future Foundation is a Swiss and international Foundation.

The foundation is mainly composed of social and medical staff, agents of the health sector, and pioneers in their particular fields such as Access to water, renewable energies, and is also open to all other professions that can contribute to the achievement of its objectives. Our actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality.

The men and women working for or with the foundation undertake to respect their professional ethics and to maintain total independence with regard to any political, economic, or religious power.

The Swiss foundation and its local partners come to the aid of populations in distress, victims of natural or man-made disasters. They do so without distinction of race, religion, creed, or political convictions.

Fair Future observes neutrality and impartiality in the name of universal medical ethics and the right to humanitarian assistance and claims full freedom in the exercise of its functions.

As volunteers brought to work with the foundation understand the risks and dangers of the missions they accomplish and do not claim for themselves or their beneficiaries any other form of remuneration than that which the foundation might be able to grant them.


Your donations finance the programs initiated by Fair Future. A nail, a screw, a roof, drinking water, healthy meals, minor surgery, medical care, school notebooks, shoes, a solar lamp and so many other things every year.


Patients, women, children, families who have received benefits


Invested in social, medical, logistical programs in rural areas


Liters of clean, non-lethal water found and offered to people


Hours of work donated in support of the projects

In 2022

in 2022? More patients, more projects, more requests!

Fair Future Foundation

Annual report 2020

The Drilling is finished, over 55m deep - We start the 2nd phase now, distribution on Clean water... Click for .PDF doc!








This crisis is a humanitarian and health crisis
let’s be united!

Water Connections

Access to drinking water should be a basic human right

It’s too easy to forget that water is a miracle. In some countries, clean, safe drinking water is so plentiful and readily available that we take it for granted.

The majority of the communities that Fair Future works with, struggle every day to have access to this fundamental right: To have clean and non-lethal water. This is why this project is important for us but especially for them. The right to have good health is a non-existent concept when water is present neither in quality (unsuitable, dangerous…) nor in quantity (a few liters per day only for an entire family).

We are counting on you to support future projects, the first of which is the construction of a network of wells in the Mbinudita region, which will provide access to water to more than 200 families.

  • A unique, innovative, original, participatory, ecological, and vital project!
  • We have been working on it for several months and it is progressing well.

This is why, within the framework of the fundamental right to health, the “Water Connections” program is so important: The creation of access to water for these more than 200 families, so that their health can improve, that they can cultivate and grow vegetables, cook, bathe, drink and feel good. But also to offer them the possibility of creating economic activity in the service of their living conditions. The Detailed presentation in .PDF here.

Others medical and or public health problems for which we are engaged

Find out how, why we respond to different diseases and the challenges we face in providing treatment.

Tuberculosis in Indonesia

A social disease affects the poorest communities, those living in difficult conditions.

There are hundreds of thousands of new cases in Indonesia, such as HIV, which is not often mentioned here!

Dengue virus infection here

DENV is a real major cause of acute febrile illness here. In the most affected regions, mortality is very high & affects the most vulnerable.

Especially for those who do not have access to medical care.

Malaria and the vulnerable

Every year, malaria kills thousands of people in Indonesia, in all regions, even the richest.

70% of all deaths are children under five, and affect people and families who cannot access medical care.

Antimicrobial resistances

In here, this is a real health emergency, almost all drugs are available over the counter!

This scourge turns simple wounds and easily treatable diseases into causes of death.

Air pollution and health

Plastic that burns, everywhere! Air pollution is responsible for almost 50% of mortality here.

Dioxins, furans, mercury, and polychlorinated biphenyls are highly toxic!

Malnutrition and famine

Malnutrition causes serious illnesses and increases infant mortality where we operate.

The phenomenon, creating a vicious circle of starvation and disease. This is a major problem for which we are very active

Nonetheless, Fair Future follows a common set of practices

Fair Future is am organisation that wants to start a borderless movement of people, working together to end the injustice of poverty

Fair Future in a few lines

Active in emergency aid, the Swiss Fair Future provides rapid, appropriate, and effective responses to populations affected by natural disasters, epidemics/pandemics, shortages, or socio-economic crises.

Fair Future focuses on creating solutions for sanitation and access to drinking water, access to energy sources, access to medical care, especially for children, healthy food.

but also so that more kids can have access to a school and indeed a good education. Medical activities related to COVID-19, Malaria, or Dengue Fever, as well as air pollution and the consequences on the health of all, are some of our main concerns

We will not stop until everyone can have a better, healthier life that will give families more opportunities for development.

Provide solutions in case
of emergencies or disasters

Our History

We are a Swiss foundation, working internationally! Founded in 2006, we have known -through hundreds of actions and projects- to achieve incredible things! Hospital, schools, health centers, truck of life, wells to access clean water;

To date, more than 300,000 people have already benefited from Fair Future support in terms of health and medical care;

Since 2018, we have been working exclusively in rural and outermost regions, particularly in the far east of Indonesia;

We are also a movement of “good friends” who, along with our partners, use a combination of practical and innovative tactics to implement programs of care, development, education, and humanitarian aid during various disasters;

We devote ourselves every day to providing people and children with concrete solutions to improve their social, educational, and medical living conditions, through innovative and inspiring projects.

Bring medical care to people
who never have access to it


Helping men and women in the field

We are strongly committed to these projects

We rely on a strong network of professionals to provide technical, social, food and medical assistance in order to save lives!

Some of the actions that have occupied us all for months, years and for which we are very committed, socially, medically, personally

Rumah Kambera - Base Camp in East Sumba

A workplace, social center, an open door for all. A home for them, for us.

Fair Future develops and implements actions in eastern Indonesia (NTT) and notably in East Sumba.

To do so, we decided to coordinate our actions from what is now; “The Fair Future Base Camp” in the eastern regions of the country. In a village near Waingapu called Lambanapu. Rumah Kambera is its name.

This -house- is a place of coordination of all our socio-medical, educational actions or construction of health infrastructures such as toilets, health, and education programs for children, women, and communities in rural areas and peripherals.

Wherever access to water, electricity, education, or health is almost non-existent.

Truck of Life, an essential element of our responses

In order to go where no one ever goes to build, comfort, heal, treat and deal with the most urgent.

We activated the “Truck of Life” program in 2021. This truck aims to go where no one goes, to provide food, water, solutions for better health, medical care, books, educational material, but also the material that the foundation needs on-site…

In the most inaccessible territories, live thousands of people who do not have access to the most basic needs to ensure them a healthier life, nor to basic medical care, nor access to clean or drinking water to avoid not being ill, nor to a source of light to read or study for children.

The Truck of Life program allows us to provide medical care and take children or even a doctor or dentist to the nearest town. 

Water Connections to Give access to Clean Water & Sanitation

Together, we prevent disease and sustain lives and livelihoods

For the “Water Connections Program“, we build central water points. The entire project can be downloaded here via this link.

The MbinuDita Water Connections project is to provide a drinking water network to more than 200 families who have never had direct access to it.

Where it is complicated is that the groups of houses are sometimes several kilometers apart. So that makes the thing technically complex in terms of physical law!

This action is fully linked to the “Water Connections” program, initiated in 2021, by Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia foundations in the outermost regions of eastern Indonesia.

The MbinuDita school project? Not just a school!

It is the center of life for several thousand people in this rural area.

Located far from everything, where no real road leads! The program “Rebuild MbinuDita” is to give access to clean water to all the inhabitants of the community (water is extremely scarce here), but also to medical care, to healthy food by creations of organic gardens.

These activities have no other objectives than to increase the quality of their life, to provide better health to people, access to health and medical care, and for people to be able to increase their income.

We started with the construction of the most beautiful school in Sumba. Today we “rebuild” the village by giving them access to knowledge so that everyone can duplicate what we have brought. Magic!

Together, we offer assistance to people according to their real needs

Always find the best solution

Involve, Innovate, Empower, Speak, Listen, Share and Give

Together, we offer assistance to people according to their real needs

It doesn’t matter what country they are from, what religion they belong to, or what their political affiliations are! We prioritize those who are in the most serious and immediate danger

Make things easier with passion & know-how

Fair Future and Kawan Baik conduct independent assessments to determine the real needs of the populations and assess the assistance to be provided.

The extent of a crisis, the levels of disease, and mortality in the population are the criteria used. But also the seriousness of exclusion from healthcare and the added value we can bring to isolated communities.

Our teams often ask themselves questions: About the type, relevance, and impact of our presence, taking into account real needs, customs and traditions. Are we offering a better quality of life through a project?

Implementation of actions and innovation

Improving our practices is an integral part of our day-to-day activities. The innovation demonstrated by Fair Future and Kawan Baik has led to significant improvements in the care of people in crisis.

For example, how we adapt to medical care needs, taking into account local reality and what exists; the tools put in place to respond to disasters which are unfortunately too frequent here or the use of natural and healthy food by creating community gardens.

As well as what we have created so that thousands of people can have access to clean water in their village.

Local environment, daily practices and safety

Social, medical, infrastructural, educational assistance provided by Fair Future and Kawan Baik is based solely on need, regardless of political, economic, or other interests.

In the field, our teams are in constant dialogue with communities, local communities, refractory people also in order to help them better understand the creation of a well in their village for example!

We are therefore doing everything we can to minimize the risks for our teams through this constant dialogue and through the usefulness and quality of the assistance we provide.

Empowering local communities to make global impacts

For solutions to global challenges to be effective, it is important to understand and incorporate the context of local communities, like in Rumah Kambera.

For solutions to global challenges to be effective, it is important to understand and incorporate the context of local communities.

This is what Fair Future and its partners do within the framework of all the socio-medical health programs that we put in place. The notion of learning for the purpose of duplication by communities from rural regions & villages is essential. With us, they learn in order to do it again!

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Volunteering and working

Would you like to become a volunteer?

We rely on a network of professionals and volunteers to provide the useful assistance required by the various issues on site.

Giving some of my time to a field mission is something I want to do. I don’t mind living far from everything and without comfort; in Rumah Kambera, East Sumba for example! Living an authentic and unique experience with people living in rural areas of eastern Indonesia is an idea that I really like. Fair Future and Kawan Baik can only function with generous volunteers who give of their time. Volunteering your skills and your time allows you to make a direct contribution to the Foundation’s efforts. In the field, in the administrative, educational field… Your volunteering will also give you a natural feeling of accomplishment and will give you the impression of having really made a difference, with us!