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Healthy Living with Clean Water and Nutrition

In East Sumba, access to clean water is crucial for community development. The Fair Future Foundation, in partnership with local communities, is driving transformative changes that impact nutrition, health, and overall well-being for a sustainable future. Access to clean water has significantly improved hygiene practices. Regular handwashing and...
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For the past 15 years, the Swiss Fair Future Foundation has been a source of hope and positive change for many rural and disadvantaged communities. We have been working hard to empower these communities by giving them access to essential resources such as healthcare, healthy food, clean water, education, and human rights. Our actions on the ground reflect our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most. We take pride in being a humanitarian organization that truly makes an impact.

Alex Wettstein

Founder, President and Chief Medical Officer, Fair Future Foundation

Premiere of Matawai: Water Crisis in East Sumba

Premiere of Matawai: Water Crisis in East Sumba

Join us on May 8 for the YouTube premiere of ‘Matawai: The Shade of Water’. Directed by Indira Larin, this 15-minute documentary unveils the acute water crises facing East Sumba’s communities and the life-changing impacts of the #WaterConnections program. Discover how we are tackling the essential need for clean water and fighting diseases like malaria through innovative solutions.

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