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Being on the ground with those who need us

A Swiss, international, and independent humanitarian socio-medical organisation, directly involved in the most rural and ultra-peripheral regions of Indonesia.

The situation related to the Pandemic in Indonesia is terrifying.
The highest in infection and mortality in the world.

Where we work, in the east of the country, people have no access to anything. No testing, no vaccine, no treatment, no information. Entire communities are being left behind, people are dying and the state is doing nothing.

Fair Future has a plan of action and asks you to help it do the essentials for tens of thousands of people.

Short & Quick

Short & Quick – 28.07.21

28/07/21 | A dramatic situation linked to the total lack of action of the authorities

During the week of July 12 to 18, 32 provinces out of 34 reported an increase in the number of cases as 17 of them experienced a worrying increase of 50% or more; 21 provinces (8 new provinces added since the previous week) have now reported the Delta variant, and the test positivity proportion is over 20% in 33 of 34 provinces despite their efforts to improve testing rates. Indonesia is currently facing a very high level of transmission, and it is indicative of the utmost importance of rigorous implementation of public health and social measures (PHSM), especially restrictions on movement, across the country.

These figures are far from reality! Because they only take into account people who have been tested. And here the tests are paying for everyone. So … Few people get tested!

Short & Quick – 27.07.21

26/07/21 | COVID-19 in East Indonesia, we need help!

The situation here in eastern Indonesia, the lack of state response, in order to deal with the severity of the pandemic here. With a population of 268 million, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. Faced with the pandemic, the country seems overwhelmed and deprived of means, materials, logistical and organizational strategy, leaving tens of millions of people behind.

Fair Future and Kawan Baik are asking for aid from States, banks, the International Monetary Fund in order to detect, test, vaccinate, take care of families, sick people – But also to put in place preventive actions, massive tests, and solutions for infected people. In any case, we cannot sit idly by.

But so far, you can make a donation here

Short & Quick – 26.07.21

27/07/21 | Swiss Gov donates to the Indonesian Gov!

Glad to see that Switzerland sent medical material to Indonesia!!

But as Swiss Official Organisation, we are sorry to say that we have no illusions that how this vital material will be distributed, used! For sure, in Jakarta, the modern cities of java, and the people in the big hospitals. Some will be sold probably also, as COVID-19 here is also a matter of business! And unfortunately, nothing will be issued! Here, in the ultra-peripheral and rural regions of eastern Indonesia, where the Fair Future Foundation and its teams are currently located… Why did the Swiss Government give to a corrupt country? And not an honest Swiss Legal NGO?

Fair Future Switzerland, which is currently active in Sumba has asked the Swiss authorities for help! We can help, vaccinate, test, and treat sick people! We sent many emails already! But nothing, even not an answer!

I can help!

This is where you can help them!

The pandemic raging here, the lack of clean water, the reconstruction of rural communities, medical care, being able to go to school and receive a good education

COVID-19 in Indonesia, a dramatic situation

Take care of people, do what the state does not! Fair Futur acts to detect, test, treat and vaccinate the victims of the Pandemic. No Antigen tests, no vaccine (here in Sumba for example, hardly anyone is vaccinated). Also, the health centers are closed because they are infected and the medical staff is sick.

There are very few doctors and other medical personnel who are still at work. This is linked to medical and infectious factors, but also and above all because the staff is no longer paid, therefore they no longer come to work.

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Donate for a cause of your choice

Donate to programs initiated by Fair Future and be on the ground with us. We are committed to ensuring that as many people as possible have access to medical care (basic and emergency care), Covid-19 screening and testing, access to school and knowledge, drinking and clean water, sanitation, women’s rights, and minorities living in rural and ultra peripheral areas.

Going where no one ever goes is one of our priorities, see Truck Of Life program.

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Donate for East Indonesia disaster

After the Sumba natural disaster in April 2021, Fair Future is the only foreign organization there. We commit ourselves every day to rebuild, to improve…

We are confronted with health problems, social challenges. We need infrastructural and human resources. They need to eat, drink, have access to healthcare and a roof to protect themselves!

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Donate for Clean Water Access in East Sumba

Do you want to participate in the drilling of a well for 40 families and 250 people? Provide clean and potable water to all those who no longer have access to it, or who have never had access to it. Water is life, water makes you feel good!

To do this, Fair Future and the Indonesian Red Cross are launching a program to build wells, toilets and provide access to drinking water to 42 villages and communities in East Sumba.

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You don't have access to e-banking?

Sometimes, it is not possible to make a donation via modern solutions, by what is called “e-banking”.

From then on, you can participate in one of our projects or programs by making a bank transfer, via one of our two bank accounts in Switzerland.

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Action for Fair Future Plateforme

The Fair Future donation platform focuses on the fundraising needs of nonprofit organizations

More than yesterday and even less than tomorrow, Fair Future and Kawan Baik Foundations continue to develop projects with humanitarian, positive, and virtuous objectives.

Our organizations get involved every day, in a concrete way on the ground. They are men and women, mostly volunteers, who work to find solutions and implement them so that everyone can have a better life.

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Two minutes with the founder of Fair Future, from Sumba base camp

Alexandre Wettstein, founder of the Fair Future Foundation explains in two minutes (and in french), the health situation in eastern Indonesia, and how -we who are there-, can concretely help the local population.


We activate the “Truck of Life” program by FFF and KBI

We activate the “Truck of Life” program by FFF and KBI

Fair Future and Kawan Baik Foundations are activating the “Truck of Life” program! It will leave for Sumba, by road, on June 12th, a 3 days trip! This truck aims to go where no one is going, to provide food, water, solutions for better health, medical care, books, and learning materials, but also the equipment that the foundation needs on-site…

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Map of needs and actions initiated in East Sumba by Fair Future

Map of needs and actions initiated in East Sumba by Fair Future

This map is produced by the foundation’s teams, but also all the volunteers involved in the field from our local base camp in Sumba. It shows all ongoing actions initiated by Kawan Baik and Fair Future Foundations, those related to water, access to health care, destroyed infrastructure, food needs. In order to determine, quantify, find advantageous and really useful solutions in order to solve the hundreds of problems that are present here.

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The pandemic situation is terrible here in Indonesia. We Must Act!

What to say then in the rural areas of the Eastern territories, here in East Sumba?

Since July 2021, Indonesia (the fourth most populous country in the world), is the most affected country in the world by the Pandemic. People are dying everywhere, the country is totally overwhelmed, and deprived of means, materials, logistical and organizational strategy, leaving tens of millions of people far behind!

Fair Future, Kawan Baik, and all of our volunteers, our medical teams have the logistical means, field experience, knowledge of local communities, in order to participate in the common effort, to contain the contagion, to carry out screening, tests and why not, start vaccinating the local population.

We must act, now and not tomorrow. The entire country is suffocating, mired in an unprecedented social, health, and economic crisis.

Tomorrow, it will be too late.



2.4% of people

have been vaccinated in East Sumba

0.04% of people

Have been tested In East Sumba


What Fair Future Do

  • Active in emergency aid, Fair Future provides rapid, appropriate, and effective responses to populations affected by natural disasters, epidemics/pandemics, shortages, or socio-economic crises.
  • Fair Future focuses on creating solutions for sanitation and access to drinking water, access to energy sources, access to medical care, healthy food, but also so that more children can have access to a school and indeed a good education.
  • We will not stop until everyone can have a better, healthier life that will give families more opportunities for development.

Our Story

  • We are a Swiss foundation, working internationally. Founded in 2006, we have known – through hundreds of actions and projects – to achieve incredible things! A hospital, schools, health centers, life trucks. To date, more than 300,000 people have already benefited from Fair Future aid. Since 2018, we have been working exclusively in rural and outermost regions, particularly in the far east of Indonesia.
  • We are also a movement of “good friends” who, along with our partners, use a combination of practical and innovative tactics to implement programs of care, development, education and humanitarian aid during various disasters.
  • We devote ourselves every day to providing people and children with concrete solutions to improve their social, educational and medical living conditions, through innovative and inspiring projects.

Some Key pages on Fair Future

Covid-19 Situation in Here

From our Base Camp in Rumah Kambera, screening, monitoring and vaccinate one of the most affected regions in Indonesia, by Covid-19…

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Quantity of medicines we have

Here is the list of medications available in our East Sumba Base Camp in Indonesia – Rumah Kambera, in Lambanapu. We need much more! Look…

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Water and Sanitation

Fair Future Works on access to clean water. Drilling wells, creating sanitary facilities for thousands of people. You can act for Clean Water…

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Rumah Kambera - Base Camp

Fair Future Base Camp, East Sumba. An essential place for the entire population of East Sumba, kids, families for a better life…

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The Truck Of Life Program

We’ve activated the “Truck of Life” program! This truck aims to go where no one is going, to provide food, water, medical care, equipment…

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MbinuDita School

A beautiful school, built by Fair Future and Kawan Baik. A school made for more than one hundred children of this ultra peripheral region ofEast Sumba…

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Innovative, original, and respectful ways to help


We don’t pretend we want to change the world, it’s impossible

We just try to change things, on a human scale, by taking care of people, their environment, their beliefs, and customs. By joining us, we can, thanks to your voice, do more. So don’t hesitate!

The emergencies that we face every day come in many forms

Lack of food, epidemics, natural disasters, lack of drinking water, no electricity, destroyed school or health center, no access to medical care, etc…

From the earth to the air, from water to the plate, including medical care and education, through innovative and original solutions.

For their Future, for their health, for a better living

Fair Future is working very actively from its relocated Base Camp in East Sumba. From Rumah Kambera, we provide access to medical care, actions of first emergencies in times of crisis or health disaster, COVID-19 responses, access to clean water, to healthy food, access to better education, or to a school. Fair Future and Kawan Baik, put in place actions aimed at everyone have equal access to vital resources.

The power of people against poverty

Fair Future is a foundation that wants to start a borderless movement of people, working together to end the injustice of poverty. It means we are addressing the inequalities that keep people in poverty. Together, we save, protect, and rebuild lives in times of disaster.

We help people build better lives for themselves and for others. We are tackling issues such as land rights, climate change, access to water or electricity, and discrimination against women.

And we will not stop until every person on the planet can enjoy a life without poverty.

Fair Future was founded in 2006. The idea came to Alex after a trip to the island of Flores in Indonesia (NTT). In a small village of a few hundred inhabitants, almost all of them suffered from malaria, most of them children.

Alex has always had this humanist fiber in him; Like father, like son says the saying! And so, it acted as a natural reflex: Help! So he decided to try to help them. And over 15 years later, Alex is still helping them!

Fair Future Foundation NGO

Alex Wettstein, Founder, CEO, Medical Staff


Doing things with the heart, innovationship while being where it happens!

equally and fairly, regardless of religion, beliefs, gender or age

Making things easy with passion

Fair Future incorporates in all its choices and decisions taken in the context of its actions and field programs, the notions of risks for communities, what is good or bad for them, for people, children, villages.

A project is often a lot of time for studies, for sharing the action that we are going to carry out: A process that is always done together, them and us, which will lead us to a decision to set up!

Innovative, ingenious, respectful projects

Fair Future does everything to use local resources, to work with the communities, the villages, the people where we operate. Yes, because giving a job to a local person is obviously also a social action, help given to a family which will thus be able to improve its income, and therefore eat better, live better!

This is how, for example, we built Rumah Kambera, MbinuDita, the Central Water Points and so many other things!

Be there, on site, with the communities

Fair Future, its collaborators, all the volunteers focus above all on the creation of innovative, ecological, sustainable, easy-to-use initiatives that involve low maintenance costs.

Thanks to our very strong local involvement, the volunteers who are people from here and even from each village where we are involved, can define what people really need to have a healthier, more balanced life, a better life!

Working with people

Would you like to become a volunteer?

Apply today and let's make great things together

Giving some of my time for a field mission is something I want to do. I don’t mind living far from everything and without comfort. Living an authentic and unique experience with people living in rural areas of eastern Indonesia is an idea that I really like.

Join Fair Future team now

Simple and human resources adapted to the real needs of communities living in rural areas

Who can help us to work in favour of populations from ultra-peripheral regions?

We invite you to join us in developing actions to bring more children to school, increase access to basic medical care, access to drinking water or electricity to study, and so many other things.

Every year, dozens of people from the local communities and regions in which we work help us do good things. Foreigners and young people from other parts of Indonesia are also welcome.

We rely on their expertise, their different perspectives and their experiences to help us create sustainable, ecological and innovative programs.


Go where no one is going, provide food, water, medical care ...

What is the "Truck of Life", what is it for, where is it to go and who is it for?
  • Take a child to the doctor, dentist, or for a medical emergency;
  • Bring educational materials, medical equipment, food, water from Rumah Kambera Base Camp;
  • Bring construction materials, for example for boreholes for access to clean water;
  • Improve our services related to health care, education, bring goods for a healthier life;
  • Access these rural areas without a road with an adapted vehicle;
  • Transport our teams, our volunteers in safety and shelter from bad weather...
Why are we activating this "Truck of Life" program?

Where we work live thousands of people who do not have access to the most basic needs: Health and medical care, clean water, electricity, food, education. So, the "truck of Life", part of the "Kawan Sehat - The healthy friend" program, will help us to increase our logistical resilience.

The projects located in eastern Indonesia and led by the Fair Future and Kawan Baik Foundation, are long-term projects. Rumah Kambera, our Base Camp is growing a lot. Rumah Kambera becomes the nerve center for the coordination of a large number of social and medical activities carried out by the foundation, but also by our friends who are members of different local communities.

What will the foundation's first "Truck of Life" be doing next week and for years to come?
  • Take a child to the doctor, dentist, or for a medical emergency;
  • Bring educational materials, medical équipment, food, water;
  • Materials and constructions, for example for boreholes for access to water;
  • Improve our services related to health care, education, bring goods for a healthier life;
  • Access these rural areas without a road with an adapted vehicle;
  • Transport our teams, our volunteers in safety and shelter from bad weather;
We also want to wholeheartedly thank the people who made this dream possible

That of creating and activating this program which we aptly called "Truck of Life". A donation for an amount of CHF 35,000.- was made by a Swiss organization, for this precise and specific purpose: "-An all-terrain vehicle to go where no one goes!" We take this opportunity to thank them with all our hearts for their trust, their benevolence, and the infinite kindness they have shown to the Foundation for years.


Rumah Kambera – Fair Future Foundation Base Camp in East Sumba

Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children


For years, we have for mission to develop, support and create humanitarian programs and actions linked to education, training, and medical care.

Rumah Kambera in few words, what is it? A workplace, social center, an open door for all. A home for them, for us.

The foundation develops and implements actions in eastern Indonesia (NTT) and notably in East Sumba. To do so, we decided to coordinate our actions from what is now; “The Fair Future Base Camp” in the eastern regions of the country. In a village near Waingapu called Lambanapu.

Rumah Kambera is its name. This -house- is a place of coordination of all our socio-medical, educational activities in favor of children, women and communities in rural and peripheral regions where access to water, electricity, education or health care is almost non-existent.

A place where everyone is welcome to lend a hand, offer a help project, or collaborate with the Foundation’s volunteers and collaborators as part of their activities and programs. In addition, it is also a place of exchanges, conferences, training and workshops, a public, organic garden, a place of experimentation of what works and what does not.

This House is running at full speed, the activities that take place there are extraordinary. There is a dynamic that is rarely seen. We are hundreds: Volunteers, doctors, nurses, architects, builders, logisticians, specialists in access to water … It is a magical place.

Today, the Swiss foundation faces significant challenges in terms of engagement in the field: The Pandemic, Access to Water, Healthcare, education…

Providing medical care, drinking water, light to study, build schools and improve solutions for access to knowledge, and primary care is our main piorities.

We have creating Rumah Kambera in this direction:

To improve the living conditions of hundreds of thousands of families and children, living in rural areas of eastern Indonesia.

Act with us to help Fair Future drill 42 wells, for nearly 11,000 people without drinking water!

Providing clean water to all those who no longer have access to it, Fair Future, the Indonesian Red Cross are starting a program to provide access to drinking water for 42 villages, which for two months have no more water at all.

Yes, Fair Future has allocated a fund of IDR.148'000'000.- in order to proceed to the drilling of a deep well in order to provide clean water to a population of 250 people. We have to duplicate this program and build about 40 Clean Water Points like this one.

Each Clean Water Central Point includes toilets and a place to wash and create social activities around the theme of water. This water center also aims to improve the health of people, especially children.

Carrying out such projects seem trivial. Water is a matter that we generally popularise. And yet, here in rural areas of eastern Indonesia, it is a real challenge.

Therefore, here is a document that presents the process of building the first Central Water Points, which Fair Future is building, for the benefit of the hundreds of families in East Sumba.

A project by Fair Future, Kawan Baik, and the Indonesian Red Cross.

Water to live

Clean water is essential for staying healthy;
Clean water is essential to heal, grow, eat, drink, wash;
Be able to eat, heal, stay healthy, drink, cook… live!

Water after the disaster

To meet the extremely urgent needs for drinking water and sanitation for communities and families affected by the disaster;
Meet the needs of every living being, that of having access to clean water.

Water to maintain personal hygiene

Have adequate public toilets so that families and communities can readjust to a healthier lifestyle;
Improve the quality of life with good sanitation for the communities.



Fair Future, for the "Water Connections Program", builds central water points. The foundation finances (and builds) each of these constructions between $ 7,500.- and $ 10,000.-. Fair Future is also and above all on-site, every day, as part of the phase of “recovery and reconstruction, in Sumba East. Each project provides water and sanitation facilities to 40+ families or nearly 300 people. But also and of course, clean water, showers, toilets.

We are working hard in East Sumba (Like in #RebuildMbinuDita) to give access to water. For many households, water sources are distant, contaminated, or expensive, and household sanitation is unaffordable. You can help us to give access to water for a healthier life.







Water is Life


Without your loyal support, the essential work we do could not be accomplished. Over time an average of 93 cents of every dollar Fair Future spends is invested in humanitarian services and programs

The emergencies that we face every day come in many forms. Lack of food, epidemics, natural disasters, lack of drinking water, no electricity, destroyed school or health centre, no access to medical care, etc…

From the earth to the air, from water to the plate, including medical care and education, through innovative and original solutions. Together, we create human crowdfunding, and in a unique way: By involving ourselves in a practical way, with you in the field, in order to give you the best chance to materialise your sustainable initiatives in favour of people and society. humanity.

The Promise We Make