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Galleries – Our programs and actions in pictures

An International Non-Profit Organisation, from Switzerland

Our programs and actions in pictures

Discover how we provide Social, medical, and humanitarian support

Preamble and short information: Through photographs taken by our teams in the field, discover who we are, how we work, and with whom. The children of the rural villages, their parents, the families and communities who welcome us every day that God does. Our two foundations meet thousands of people from the most challenging regions of Indonesia. People show us their lives, their wounds, their difficulties, their joys and their sorrows, and their work. The lack of everything sometimes. The lack of food, water, medical care, state aid, and so many other problems that our two organisations try to respond to every day. All images are taken by Kawan Baik Indonesia, Fair Future and their teams on the ground. Thank you for your attention.


The latest information about the life and programs of the foundation via Instagram.

A way that everyone knows… Posts on Instagram and Twitter allow us to keep you informed of everything we do, our life too.