Presentation & History of the Fair Future Foundation

The Foundation is an independent, non-profit Swiss charity committed to improving the health and health care of Indonesians

One can make a difference, but together, we create change! Together!

In early 2006, Alex Wettstein & Sarah Favre founded the Fair Future Foundation (FFF), a Swiss State Approved foundation, recognised of Pure Public Utility & Tax Exempted.

The FFF The FFF is exclusively dedicated to providing the people and children of Indonesia with Free Health & Medical Care through many community & home/healthcare services. We work to have a healthier population, supported by the high quality of health care that is equitably accessible.

Alex Wettstein is a Swiss citizen & he has been working in a medical team for big organisations for many years all over South-East Asia & Switzerland.

Since early 2011 in Indonesia, following our Ethical Code, the FFF has already cared & treated dozens of thousands poor, sick, disabled, disadvantaged human beings every year, without consideration of race, religion, origin, age, colour. The FFF aims to improve the daily life of the local community, whether they are affected by a situation of social vulnerability, emotional or medical, or suffering from a disability.

Since July 2019, the FFF is now working for its official representation in Indonesia. In this sense, we can develop, alone or in collaboration with other local NGOs, new socio-sanitary actions in the entire territory of this vast country.

The Fair Future Foundation is chaired since 2006 by Alex Wettstein. Its Foundation board is composed of five volunteer members, all Swiss Citizens.

Alex said: "-This experience paved the way for the purpose of my life and my current full-time dedication to providing free health care to the needy. More than a dream, this concept is now a reality. Of course, I could not have done it alone, I still need help, medical staff, equipment and funding, as well as all those many great people connected to this cause. All this led me to create and I continue in this direction every day ... "

Through the creation of legal structures in Indonesia, the FFF encourages action to serve disadvantaged people. For example, since 2011, the FFF has helped to create two Indonesian foundations. These organizations manage and implement social, medical and educational projects. The FFF accompanies them in the establishment of procedures, in financial support and exercises control over the merits of their actions in the field.

Thank you very much for your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organisation.

Some essentials key dates for the Foundation

Creation of the Foundation

In early 2006, Alex Wettstein & Sarah Favre found the Fair Future Foundation

Recognition of pure public utility

Recognition for the foundation which acquires its status of pure public utility

Bali Sari Foundation

Founding of the "Bali Sari Foundation" in Indonesia to provide medical care

Creation of Fair Warung Bale

Opening of the social restaurant, Fair Warung Bale

Creation of the 1st clinic

Opening of the first Clinic & Medical/Home Care services

The Foundation Villas

Opening of the Fair Future Foundation Villas in Ubud

Starting home care & community

Start of the triennial home care and mobile clinics activity

18,650 patients treated in 2013

The foundation treated more than 18,000 patients in 2013

The Fair Warung, our keystone!

The social restaurant of the foundation has funded 30,000 + medical treatments

22,150 patients treated in 2014

The foundation treated more than 22,000 patients in 2014

29,850 patients treated in 2015

The foundation treated almost 30,000 patients in 2015

Start Hospital building

The foundation began construction of its new Ped. free hospital

30,450 patients treated in 2016

The foundation treated more than 30,000 patients in 2016

Volcano Agung 1st eruption

The foundation has given medical care to more than 7,000 displaced people

32,730 patients treated in 2017

The foundation treated more than 32,000 patients in 2017

35,270 patients treated in 2018

The foundation treated more than 35,000 patients in 2018

Bali Sari Foundation board

Renewal of its Board, with the arrival of 4 young people from the foundation

New Website of the Foundation

Launch of our new website, made by the Indonesian Foundation and its youth

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